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On Opinion: Egyptians hostile to U.S. aid cutoff


Ron Holzwarth 4 years, 4 months ago

Almost all of the United States' military aid to Egypt consists of weapons systems, mostly advanced fighter jets, artillery, and defense from incoming weapons. Without the assistance of the United States, those weapons won't be useful for very long. Plus, the Egyptian pilots are not very well trained. Only a few replacement parts are available from Europe, and Europe's assistance in maintenance is useless for those systems.

So, without continuous aid from the United States, those weapons systems will be useless, and will be used mostly for show in any serious showdown, as conclusively demonstrated in the war against Israel in 1967, when the Egyptian Air Force was destroyed within an hour.

Their primary purpose is as a propaganda tool for the Egyptian population.

It would be much better for any aid from the United States to be limited to humanitarian purposes.

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