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On Opinion: Breaking tea party grip won’t be easy


James Roberts 1 year ago

And here we have an example of how the extremist right wing is becoming desperate and shrill, and also why they are becoming irrelevant.

Make no mistake, these right wing extremists hate America.


Lonesome Traveler 1 year ago

And their continual argument is that Democrats are all socialist. Or at the very least that Obama is leading the country down a socialist path. Whatever that is.


Barbara Gordon 1 year ago

They've basically turned "socialism" into an insult against anyone who wants a functional government.


Lonesome Traveler 1 year ago

Empty vessels make the most sound. -- John Lydgate (c.1370-1451)

If someone gives you advice, it is in his own interest. -- Tunisian Proverb


Kevin Groenhagen 1 year ago

I'll take that as a tacit acknowledge that you cannot address the points I made. Of course, we should expect little more from someone who openly violates the spirit of the J-W's new forum rules.


James Roberts 1 year ago

Kevin, what about all the incivility you've displayed so far? I guess that doesn't count, huh?


Seth Peterson 12 months ago

He tends to project,and ignore substance.


Scott Burkhart 1 year ago

I'm only curious if the GOP "strategists" are the same group that helped McCain and Romney to win their elections? Oh, wait, they didn't win. Well Mr. Ignatius quoted David Plough and we all know he wants to help the GOP win. I don't know how much these "strategists" get paid to lose elections for their party but I can advise the GOP on how to lose, and charge a lot less money. I love the part where Carl Rove pulls out his dry erase board and lectures anyone that will listen on how to lose. His 15 minutes are up, too.


Richard Heckler 1 year ago

For 33 years the right wing have been subverting the GOP. Once over thrown the Right Wing retained the GOP name and proceeded to masquerade as republicans. I say it is too late for the GOP to take the party name back. Waiting more than 30 years to decide is too damn late.

What happened? The ALEC Right Wing Party philosophy has permeated the the GOP as a radical minority. The entire Kansas delegation is ALEC controlled. Indiana,Florida,Ohio,Michiagan,Missouri,Wisconsin,Colorado,Kentucky and about 10 other states have become victims of ALEC. Once the beltway GOP was overthrown it has become a state by state endeavor.

United States of ALEC – Bill Moyers

ALEC – The Voice of Corporate Special Interests in State Legislatures

ALEX EXPOSED – The Koch Connection

ALEC – Ghostwriting The Law for Corporate America


ALEC Private Schools - Corporate Education Reformers Plot Next Steps at Secretive Meeting

Knowing more about the enemies to public education, the working class and our communities is important. ALEC is public enemy number one.


Richard Heckler 1 year ago

In essence what we have is a hostile takeover of the USA government.


Seth Peterson 12 months ago

I don't think you know what socialist means.


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