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On Opinion: Too much politics isn’t the problem


JayhawkFan1985 4 years, 7 months ago

George Will again is missing the point due to his partisan view of the world. The reason there were no republican votes for the ACA is because congressional leaders like Mitch McConnell set a goal to make Obama a one term president and because the tea party faction of the GOP would rather see the world burn than compromise on their EXTREME political views which are based on something that seems out of this world to people who employ reason. Let's not forget that the current structure of the ACA is modeled after the version Mitt Romney set up in Massachusetts and this was first proposed by the conservative Enterprise Institute. As a nod to compromise, the democrats kept private insurance companies in the mix instead of setting up a "medicare for everyone" plan which is what they wanted to do initially. The GOP has become so extreme they have adopted it's a my way or the highway approach and will take us to the brink of global economic catastrophe during their temper tantrums. Bolstered by Fox News, they then market this is obama's fault as he won't negotiate. CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY.

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