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On Editorial: Ranking rise


rubberband 4 years, 8 months ago

That the KU School of Engineering's undergrad program took a such a big hit in the rankings really should come as no big surprise to KU and SoE administration. Semester after semester and year after year, undergraduate engineering students have been voicing their concerns and complaints in their course evaluations and exit interviews. Nobody listens, nobody cares. Just over the last two years, I could name several students that entered the school of engineering only to change their major after their third semester in the program. One of them was even a SELF scholarship recipient. Nobody gives up that kind of scholarship on a whim. Remember that engineering professor from last year that the university fired, and students and alumni went bananas in his defense? Yeah. That's because for many of us, he was the one beacon of sanity in the chaotic mindf*%& that was our undergrad education.

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