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On Former Gov. Sebelius to attend reception to help Rep. Davis, who is considering a campaign for governor


cowboy 7 months ago

Probably won't beat Sam due to the illiteracy rate in Kansas , but us Dems can certainly raise some hail !


bearded_gnome 7 months ago

Davis is expected to formally announce his campaign soon against Republican incumbent Gov. Sam Brownback in the 2014 contest.

Sebelius was elected governor in 2002 and re-elected in 2006. She was appointed secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in 2009.

---Paul Davis=sacrificial lamb.

... so Kathy Obamacare Bilious is working for Paul Davis? there's yet another good reason to vote against him: vote against Bilious' big government obama policies. yes, obamacare is a very big deal. it takes money out of medicare, will lead to doctor shortages, especially of specialists, interferes with the doctor-opatient relationship, mandates all kinds of things that necessarily push up the cost of health insurance, and so on and so on.

vote no on davis. now, DGCO republicans, let's put up a candidate in this house district, too!

bye-bye paul davis!


smileydog 7 months ago

What if I embezzled money from the government and somebody caught me doing it? Should I get a free pass if I had the power to retroactively declare I took the government's money but agreed to reimburse what I took after I got caught, like it never happened? Isn't this what Sebelius did when she violated the Hatch Act? It sure the heck is what she did.


Liberty275 7 months ago

All you folks going to see her, have fun and drive safely.


Aimee Polson 7 months ago

The the horse out of the barn already and make it an official "run for governor." No takebacks!


purplesage 7 months ago

KS was so fortunate to get her out of the state! Problem is, she now afflicts the whole country with her policies. To think I once voted for her to be insurance commissioner! It should be noted that anyone appealing to the Obama admistration for help in an election in KS is a vote to avoid casting.


integritycounts 7 months ago

Lets see.... it is critical for Paul to attract Republicans and Independents and your bringing in the face of left wing liberals and Obamacare to kick off your campaign. Unbelievable. Better go to the bullpen


Richard Heckler 7 months ago

I like the idea....

Kansas cannot afford the Radical ALEC Right Wing Party. Then again neither can democrats and republicans.

The Radical ALEC Right Wing Party has effectively assassinated the GOP.


Shardwurm 7 months ago

Sebelius? You mean the HHS who was caught in blatant violation of The Hatch Act and then lied her way out of it?

Great person to be campaigning for you.


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