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On American Indians among those exempted from health reform's individual mandate


Mike Ford 4 years, 9 months ago

Tribal healthcare is funded by treaty obligations that the US Government and the US Congress have from taking lands by treaty from tribes, The US Congress has plenary power over Indian Affairs from the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution. The Current Republican House of Representatives Majority has underfunded tribal healthcare through the sequester and bad ideas like the Ryan budget. People like Rand Paul want to abolish the BIA entirely. This country has historically underfunded Indian Health and Education promised by treaty while taking lands with certainty. If Congress did it's job there wouldn't be a problem but this is a problem due to the states rights mentality of this bunch of Republicans who complain about Washington DC and yet go out of their way to make sure DC doesn't work and programs aren't funded. Kind of like the mechanic who says your car is running bad as they take the parts off of it.

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