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On Editorial: Just say no


OzD 7 months ago

Missouri is the crazy ex that won't stop calling.


wastewatcher 7 months ago

WRONG The only way to play Mizzou is for all of the games to be played in Lawrence until as many are played as were played in Missouri. Why should we give all of the tax money etc to Missouri which then finds its way back to the Tigers?


d_prowess 7 months ago

I don't believe the author fully understand why someone at MU would be pushing for this game again. They don't have some soft spot for taking care of the businesses in their home state. They want the exposure in KC so that they can continue to make the case to any good football recruits that they have a strong presence in KC. It is no different why we would agree to play Rice at Rice. We want to be seen playing in Texas and have all of the recruits down there get to see us playing there.


jay_cheese 7 months ago

I agree with this editorial. However, I haven't once seen Nebraska publically state they desire to still have athletic contests with Kansas. Missou is the one that keeps bringing up this issue. Rockchalk


BABBOY 7 months ago

Not a Ku fan. But, I would not play them. I hate the SEC. Overrated. A&M proved that last year. In fact, flip the SEC. Flip their fans as well. Got into with those jerks (Arkansas fans) at the Cotton Bowl. Pretty sure they are inbreed but cannot prove it. Their teeth and genic make up would suggest as much.

Also, why would KU want to play a game at Arrowhead. You want talk merchants? Well the ones in Lawrence would be the ones getting screwed to lose out on home game. If you are season ticket holder and have a great seat through years of being a fan, then you are also getting screwed.

I mean if you want to got to KC, go to Chiefs game or Royals Game.

I know some of the geeks will repeat what they read on and cry that it helps recruiting but that is total BS from folks that no only what they know about sports from the Internet which is all rumor and BS..


nick_s 7 months ago

So they want to leave for the SEC & thumb their noses at the Big 12 & our rivalry, but when the dollar signs are knocking they conveniently forget that fact? Dont give in & play at Arrowhead, in fact, dont give in & play them at all. God dang Mizzourah!


Steven Gaudreau 7 months ago

I'm sure if someone throws enough money at KU they will play in KC. KU was making $2m to play at Arrowhead during Perkins tenure.


Joe Hyde 7 months ago

Home and Home; it's the only way to fly.

In KU's 12-1 Orange Bowl season, the only loss was to Missouri. That was the first game the two teams played in Arrowhead. I will always believe that the Jayhawks would have beaten Missouri (and played for the National Championship) had the game been played as originally scheduled -- in KU's Memorial Stadium. KU was undefeated going into that game, and would have had home field advantage if the traditional scheduling format had been used.

Oh, and Lawrence businesses would have made quite a lot of money had that KU/MU game been played here. A lot of money.


Don Brennaman 7 months ago

I spend no money over there. I won't even buy cheaper gas when over there. Heaven forbid buying Budweiser or Boulevard over here.


skinny 7 months ago

Nope, play them at Arrowhead. We don't need the traffic or headaches here!!


weiser 7 months ago

Read what happened 100 years ago today, in this site.


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