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On Regents considering higher education budget for next session


irtnog2001 7 months ago

KU Med will never provide enough doctors for rural areas of the state. Time to give up pouring money into that black hole. Give the dollars to start a osteopathic school. Both Arkansas and Missouri are planning on establishing new osteopathic schools in their states at Missouri Southern and Arkansas State. Time to jump aboard the bandwagon and leave KU to research and development of new wonder drugs.


Shardwurm 7 months ago

Does anyone in this screwed up system represent us? You know, the consumer? The Regents are in bed with the institutions, and all they do is tell us we should be thankful that tuition 'only' went up 5.5 percent while net income dropped 1.5 percent.


wastewatcher 7 months ago

It is about time for the Regents to figure out how they can do "more with less" not "less with more" as they have been operating. It is time for a change of attitudes and real spending priorities.


yourworstnightmare 7 months ago

I'm sure Brownback will vocally support restored funding and new initiatives, until the legislature passes more cuts and he signs them into law.

Having one's cake and eating it, too. An operating principle of the Brownback administration.


oldexbeat 7 months ago

PS Oral Roberts Uni background for the lawyer How's that school doing ?


oldexbeat 7 months ago

will be interesting to see how that not-Republican Republican lawyer votes. When you got to lie to get on a Regents board you must love higher education, right ? Probably be a big supporter of increased budgets and taxes, if needed. Right ? Huh ?


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