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On HPV vaccine offered in Lawrence pediatric offices


Marc Coan 7 months, 2 weeks ago

DO IT! We have to stop this virus. A good male friend of mine was just diagnosed with Stage 4 throat cancer he got from the HPV virus. His prospects are not good at all (he waited too late to see a doc about his symptoms). His docs told him it was 99% likely that he picked it up from performing male-to-female oral sex on an infected partner...who probably didn't know she was infected. Seriously! Actor Michael Douglas was also diagnosed with the same thing, and he has since said it came from the same activity.

And, for the rest of us adults, it might be too late for a vaccine, but it's not too late to get tested and treated. You rarely know you are carrying the virus, but you transmit it to all of your partners, some of whom will die. Not a joking matter, to be sure. The test is cheap and easy...just get it at your annual physical. (Remember, under the Affordable Care Act, since 2010, we have are all been able to get FREE annual physicals, FREE routine mammograms, and FREE routine colonoscopies, without so much as a co-pay. Get them! And yeah for Obamacare!)


Kyle Chandler 7 months, 2 weeks ago

C'mon, a little formaldehyde and ammonia with egg whites shot into your system is perfectly rational. Everyone is doing it!


rooster 7 months, 2 weeks ago

Really Kathy, According to the CDC THEMSELVES:

Center for Disease Control asserts "Chickenpox vaccines contain weakened live VZV, which may cause latent (dormant) infection. The vaccine-strain VZV can reactivate later in life and cause shingles.

So Kathy, How about you post up some links to confirm your statement or you can just keep throwing out unverifiable statements.

This is the age of critical thinking so how about you join us in the 21st century!


rooster 7 months, 2 weeks ago

Anyone who thinks vaccines are harmless is equally misinformed. While the cause of autism is inconclusive there seems to be a direct correlation between the new use of the chickenpox vaccine and the spike in cases of shingles. The risk of dying from chickenpox itself was almost a statistical anomaly. How about having shingles as an adult? Anyone who thinks giving a child up to 14 vaccines by the age of 18 months is safe is delusional. Can your child get pertussis after getting the shot: yes. So why are you giving your child the pertussis shot? Because the average person has never taken even a basic human anatomy class and is highly uninformed about the human body, pathogens, etc and relies on the doctor who is primarily concerned with avoiding litigation than giving you options. I feel particularly bad for Mrs thompson who for the rest of time will be shown holding a vial of Gardasil if they ever do conclusively link that product to some major issues it creates.


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