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On Pedestrian struck by car


ddhawkfan 9 months ago

I hope the pedestrian is ok. People in general just need to pay attention to pedestrians, everyone is in too dang much of a hurry anymore and flat out do not pay attention to what is going on around them. Too worried about that text message they just received.


Steven Swaggerty 9 months ago

Hope the Pedestrian is alright. Prayers are with them.


agitatedbacon 9 months ago

The city should study putting a crosswalk and stoplight like the ones at 12th & Tennessee around this intersection or a bit west on 9th. 9th street is too wide to cross safely and if you're trying to cross it's too far between the stoplights at 9th & Mississippi and 9th & Tennessee to expect people to walk all the way up or down the street to cross at a light.

I seem to recall several car-pedestrian accidents on this stretch of 9th. I see people running across the street to Jensen's liquor all the time and foot traffic should pick up once the new bakery opens.


bearded_gnome 9 months ago

A car traveling westbound on Ninth Street clipped the man with the mirror of the vehicle just west of the intersection of Ninth and Ohio streets.

---kinda reads like "the man" wasn't in the crosswlk.
glad "the man" apparently didn't suffer serious level I trauma.


mom_of_three 9 months ago

we don't know if it was the driver's fault yet. but you are assuming....


Mollie New Leaf 9 months ago

I seriously had to answer two questions to see two sentences?

Anyway, that sucks. I hope the pedestrian is alright. Mirror attack... weird.


blindrabbit 9 months ago

"Best of" to the pedestrian! Students not even back in town yet, walkers and bicyclers beware!


Number_1_Grandma 9 months ago

Did the car stop to render aid?


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