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On Letter: Unsafe spot


justforfun 4 years, 9 months ago

I ride that path often and havent seen or been involved in even the slightest close call. I still want to see the accident report so see what the factors involved were. There are many other intersections in town that are far more unsafe than this one. Such as 23rd and Iowa, 6th and Walkarusa, 6th and Kasold, the list goes on. As tragic as this death is, the reality is people must be more aware both driving and biking/walking anywhere.

jack22 4 years, 9 months ago

I ride this path frequently and it saddens me that this accident occurred here because I ride on this path specifically to get away from vehicle traffic. I've had some close calls riding a bike around Clinton Lake and in town, but not at this intersection. The whole route from the theatre to 27th Street can be dangerous where the path meets the road as cars do not stop for bicyclists in general and we have too many distracted drivers on our roads. Yesterday, I witnessed a car flying through a section of the path at a very high rate of speed at a pedestrian/bicyclist crossing as I was stopped waiting to cross. A bridge would indeed help, but there are plenty of other areas that would still need fixing. We all need to be more careful, walkers, runners, bikers, and more especially people driving motor vehicles.

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