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On Letter: Getting to ‘yes’


Stain 9 months ago

Even the university does not pay competitive wages.

Really it sucks to live here if you work for a living.


bearded_gnome 9 months ago

"... yet we have children needing food in Lawrence!"

---Dave, it would be instructive for you to observe the recent filing of Detroit's bankruptcy. note that lawrence is a little drop of blue in a huge sea of red, so to speak. other parts of kansas seem to have better employment. hmmm. suppose it's who's in charge?


fmrl 9 months ago

Any town which depends upon a university to drive its economy had better beware. As more and more people figure out the true value of higher education/indoctrination it is going to be in serious decline. It could happen suddenly and result in tens of thousands of vacant housing units and a downward spiral. Lawrence had better learn fast how to compete because it hasn't had to thus far.


citizen1 9 months ago

From the LJWorld article.


Catalano 9 months ago

$50 million? Where'd that number come from?


Michelle Reynolds 9 months ago

Thanks for thinking about the bigger issues. I feel this town make decision based in the issue on front of them and they don't step back and see what is causing the problem. You hit it on the head. What a concept... Add business to Lawrence the city gains jobs, we give jobs to the ones who need them, people stay here and shop here, grow our tax base to pay for all the things Lawrecians want ( libraries, rec center, depots) I don't see the down side.

Thanks Mr. Reynolds for having a larger vision!!


BigAl 9 months ago

Great letter Mr. Reynolds. I couldn't agree more.


friendlyjhawk 9 months ago

Thanks for your letter. You raise many good points about the real needs in Lawrence.


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