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On Letter: Enough Brownback


fmrl 3 years ago

I have a suggestion for Kansas Democrats who want to defeat Brownback. See if you can get Sandy Praeger to run as an Independent. She will syphon off enough of Brownback's votes for the Democrats to win. Not that I'm a Democrat... just saying.

rtwngr 3 years ago

Sorry, we won't be fooled by that. Praeger was only registered as a Republican. She probably received more Dem votes than her own party. If she runs as an Independent she won't siphon any conservative votes out there.

kochmoney 3 years ago

The only way to syphon off those votes would be to get someone even more extreme than Brownback to run as an independent.

Abdu Omar 3 years ago

While I agree with this LTE, I have lost a lot of respect for Bob Dole. I am sorry he is part of this guy's team. Brownback has put a stain on Kansas and we must, I say "MUST" reject him for another term. If he is re-elected, we are in big trouble.

Tom McCune 3 years ago

Are the stupid Google survey questions gone? I haven't seen one in a few days. They couldn't possibly have believed anyone would answer those stupid things truthfully. One of the questions I got was something like:

How many states are there in the United States?: 1. 20 2. 25 3. 50 4. 45 5. 10

I answered "10".

Tom McCune 3 years ago

Yes. I do that until it brings up a question with "None of the above" as an answer.

Tom McCune 3 years ago

Oops. I just got one of the survey questions. I really miss the "fill in the blank" questions. Now those could be fun!

BlackVelvet 3 years ago

I am definitely not a brownback fan. Never have been, never will be. But the letter writer's comment ..."This man has taken control of the executive, the legislative and the judicial. What has happened to the idea of balance of powers?..." sounds like Obama to me. I guess a politician is a politician. cheats and liars...

Brian Hall 3 years ago

What? Last I checked, Republicans were in control of the House and the Supreme Court was pretty much divided 4-4 with 1 bouncing back and forth. If Obama controlled all three branches then why is he still getting nothing done? You would think someone in control of all branches (like Brownback) would be able to easily shove through all his ignorant and dangerous legislation.

jafs 3 years ago

And, the D don't have a filibuster proof majority in the Senate as well.

kochmoney 3 years ago

Justice Roberts called to inform you that you may be a bit mistaken on your notion of Obama controlling all three branches. I could hear McConnell and Boehner giggling in the background.

tomatogrower 3 years ago

Put down the KookAid, BlackVelvet, and start reading the real news. I just can't believe you even said that.

Alyosha 3 years ago

' "This man has taken control of the executive, the legislative and the judicial. What has happened to the idea of balance of powers?..." sounds like Obama to me.'

Laughably inaccurate comment, BlackVelvet, demonstrating zero understanding of actual current events and the structure of the United States government.

I wonder if you could pass the test that immigrants must pass to become citizens of the United States. Based on your comment, I doubt it.

Lynn Grant 3 years ago

Never been a big fan of Bob Dole but truly am sorry to learn that his memory is slipping so badly. Just a few months ago after his unfortunate testimony in Washington DC, he had a pretty clear picture of what Republicans have become. Dole seems to have forgotten that Sam is cut of the same cloth as those who rejected him. As far as the Eisenhower woman, the only connection to Kansas is her relationship to a someone born in that state, doubt that she could actually find it on the map or knows what a great state it used to be.

BigDog 3 years ago

Mr. Hickam .... Conservatives are not opposed to social programs as you claim. Conservatives support social programs for those who can't help themselves ... but not for those who won't help themselves. That is where they differ from many Democrats.

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