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On State expects Common Core testing costs to be lower than national estimates


nick_s 9 months ago

Ive got an idea, lets help develop standards with other states & then sandbag the whole operation once these standards are being implemented. Kind of a "taking my ball & going home," kind of attitude that accomplishes nothing.


pittstatebb 9 months ago

I am not sure why, but this article along with others with the the same theme, have stated that CETE has developed the current battery of Kansas state assessments. That is simply not true. WestEd, a San Fransisco based company, wrote all of the current Kansas state assessments, as their website clearly states below.

CETE administers the state assessments but has only created pilot questions that align to the upcoming Common Core state assessments. These pilot questions are no where close to the same structure as the SBAC questions that have been released on SBAC's website.


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