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On Attorney general wants rewrite of Hard 50 law


Ray Parker 9 months ago

Never, never, never trust anything AG Schmidt says or does.


Rick Hird 9 months ago

This is political grandstanding. The Attorney General wants to call a special legislative session because of concerns about the constitutionality of the Hard 50 law, but he didn't suggest such a thing when the legislature wanted to criminalize the federal enforcement of gun laws. (Remember, we're going to arrest any Feds that try to enforce gun control in Kansas?) That law was also clearly unconstitutional, but there was no cry for a special session.


ljreader 9 months ago

If I'm in a safe little world, it's because violent people are locked up.


Stuart Evans 9 months ago

Seems like another means of increasing the profit of corporate prisons. Criminalize them early, and keep them a long time. The rest of us don't mind, because we're wrapped up in our smug, safe little worlds.


kansasredlegs 9 months ago

This is simply a I-intend-to-run-for-higher-office-political-grandstanding maneuver ... It's for society's safety blah blah blah. If these crimes are so heinous, then the likelihood of a person so convicted receiving parole the first time eligible after 25 years is remote. Just read the "up for parole" notices in this paper and see how many convicts get passed over for crimes which would not even make the "worse of the worse" list.


leonardpike 9 months ago

Carr brothers are on death row, not the hard 50.


Terry Snell Jr. 9 months ago

They dont mention the 2 black males, The Carr brothers if i recall. They kidnapped the 4 white Wichita youths robbed them, took them to a field, shot them execution style, ran them over with the car they stole, and urinated on them. One girl survived to tell. f you think the Zimmerman trial is a concern, these scum got the Kansas hard 50. Call a special session and do whats needed, no excuse. Get tough on crime.


James Nelson 9 months ago

Just another example of unwise, over the top legislation conceived by the Kansas republican party.


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