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On County asked to fund children's services after change in state policy


BigDog 8 months, 3 weeks ago

mikekt - maybe the story is because DCCA has its main office in Lawrence. You might check their website ... Running this project from Lenexa but DCCA has offices in Lawrence, Pittsburg, and Wichita too


somebodynew 8 months, 3 weeks ago

The problem is: His Master Plan is working !!!! Make everything as hard as possible so no one can use the services OR have the local government pick up the $$$. Then when campaigning he says: See how much money I have saved and how I cut government. Look at me, look at me. (that way you don't look at the details).


mikekt 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Ok ????

We have a story about the Douglas County Citizens Committee on Alcoholism.....or DCCCA...... .......who's offices are in ........Lenexa ?!

Why ?....... Hummmm ?......Lenexa must be an anonymous suburb, of Douglas County, Ks?!......that is not on the Map ???

A Great Place for a private funder to step up and fund a good local program, that Brownie wants to ship to elsewhere.......just like the SRS office, that he wanted split up and move to Topeka and KCK .

Happy K-10 ing, parents. .

Why does this remind me of the "New and Improved DMV" or "Captain Kris's Wiz Bang Voter Registration Verification Program" ....that put 12,000 Re-Publican Voters into Limbo Land ?????.....but that's not voter fraud........but the CUSTOMARY INCOMPETENCE OF AN ADMINISTRATION THAT TOLD YOU THAT GOVERNMENT WAS THE PROBLEM, BEFORE YOU ELECTED THEM....AND IS NOW OUT TO PROVE IT TO YOU, BY ANY WAY THAT THEY CAN GIVE YOU A DOSE, OF WHAT AILS THEM,..... AND THEIR PARTY !


elliottaw 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Sounds like a great program, must be why Brownback stopped funding it


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