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On Bob Dole, Eisenhower’s granddaughter join Brownback’s re-election team


jayhawklawrence 8 months, 4 weeks ago

Dear Bob;

Don't worry about it. You gave us 90 years of a life that makes us all very proud.

I don't like Governor Brownback but you put in your time and it will never be forgotten. What would this country be without men like you?

Thank you sir.


Dick Sengpiehl 8 months, 4 weeks ago

I have really been a Dole Institute supporter. I will rethink my support. It's hard to believe that Bob Dole would support such a terrible governor. And Mary Eisenhower? She's been progressive I thought. Sad!!


libertylove4 8 months, 4 weeks ago

Eisenhower is dragging her grandfather's name through the mud once more. She isn't interested in continuing his legacy. She is scrambling to hang on to his coattails while the legend rolls over in his grave. Maybe Kansans can call on Susan to help us find a suitable candidate?


Beth Ennis 8 months, 4 weeks ago

how disappointing to hear that Bob Dole has joined forces with Brownback. It's a very sad day for the state of Kansas


Les Blevins 8 months, 4 weeks ago

Mary Jean Eisenhower is known for handing out foods to the needy. I think Kansans are going to need her for her advice on how to do that very cheaply. As for Dole I really don't know what roll he can play at his age and now that he is obviously becoming infirm of mind. Hopefully his wife can talk some sense into him.


William Weissbeck 8 months, 4 weeks ago

Hate to say this, (I too will meet his fate), but does Bob even know what he's doing? Personally, I 'd rather know what "the" Eisenhower and Alf Landon would have thought.


Larry Moss 8 months, 4 weeks ago

This is nice. But, Brownback doesn't need any help.


daviskan 9 months ago

Bob Dole refers to bipartisan. The far righteous john birch money boys call it. Buy a Partisan.


Milton Bland 9 months ago

Wow, so much hatred in Douglas County. Brownback may not be a good governor, but he sure as heck is doing a better job running the State of Kansas than Obama is doing at running the country.


Jonathan Fox 9 months ago

Nice to know that a great politician isn't buying into the rumbling, hooting, and hollering of the tax and spenders.

Kansas is the 15th ranked economy in the US as of end of 2012. Lower taxes to pull in some jobs and industry is what we need.


JuanValdez 9 months ago

Poor Ike is probably turning in his grave while his family name is being dragged through the mud by fringe far right radicals.

The folks who run the Republican party in Kansas today are not very far from the McCarthy clan he had to contend with.


globehead 9 months ago

This comes as more of a disappointment than a shock as far as I'm concerned. I'm old enough to remember when Bob Dole first ran for national office as a Representative and as a Senator. He was a ruthless and dirty campaigner. His minions did a really filthy hatchet job on Bill Roy, a very decent man regardless of his politics. His tactics would have fit in quite well with the Shelbys and Cruzes of today and their like. After retirement, he became a bit of a statesman for the party, a voice of reason and sanity in the Republican Party. Sadly, this appears to have been a charade. I'd come to develop a lot of respect for the guy the past few years. He had the kind of clout to call these extremist Cretans out. Instead, he appears to have either joined them or was in the closet with them the whole time. Shame on Bob Dole.


cowboy 9 months ago

From wikipedia...

"Mary Eisenhower was born in Washington, D.C. during President Eisenhower's first term and was christened in the Blue Room of the White House. She grew up in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on the Eisenhower Farm, where President Eisenhower retired after his time in office. Ms. Eisenhower attended Westtown School in Pennsylvania until her father, John Eisenhower, was appointed Ambassador to Belgium. She lived in Belgium from 1969 to 1972. Eisenhower began her career working on Capitol Hill and then managed an engineering firm. She also has served as a Fellow at Stanford University."

Translation is she knows nothing about Kansas , has never lived here , and her endorsement means nothing , nada.

Secondly , why drag poor ole Bob into this thing. , He hasn't lived here forever either.


Fred Whitehead Jr. 9 months ago

I too used to hold Bob Dole is high regard. No more. He is just another "mi too" hanger on with the fat right tea bag requplican regime.


Richard Payton 9 months ago

Remember, we celebrated Dole's birthday in Lawrence.


Randall Uhrich 9 months ago

So much for Dole's legacy. What a hack!


Patricia Davis 9 months ago

We, the people who love Kansas who want quality schools, good roads, safe water, fair taxes, must unite together. The history of Kansas is to vote straight R, but Brownback has taken over your party. It no longer exists. I think we have to become like the French resistance and be stealthy and fight back.


suzanne454 9 months ago

Sad, Bob, SAD! I have always considered you a friend to Kansans. Mary Eisenhower, I am not surprised - heard rumors about her bad behavior before. A quick GOOGLE SEARCH shows she is also NOT a Kansan.... Not a good person. Very pro military. NOT a humanitarian, but just climbing the ladder for fame and another face lift.

But, BOB - Bob, you have you forsaken us?


Keith 9 months ago

I guess we can safely ignore all that Bob Dole has said recently about the Republicans, since he has now seen fit to endorse one that embodies all the bad things Bob Dole has been criticizing.


Phoghorn 9 months ago

Of course, Brownback may not get re-elected. There are plenty of Republicans who are disaffected by him - including myself.

I would happily vote for a more Libertarian-leaning primary challenger.

BUT...If the Democrats run the most far-left candidate they can find, they will not recapture the Governorship, even if the Republicans do not re-nominate Brownback. A far right candidate will beat a far left candidate in Kansas any day. That being said, if the Democrats can find a true moderate, then I believe that this race is theirs to take.


Richard Payton 9 months ago

Brownback wins by a landslide! The reason is this is Kansas. West of Topeka only votes (R) because it's a family tradition.


SDTPlant 9 months ago

Oh, and Sam, what part will Douglas Lake (of Wittig and Lake fame) play in your efforts to get reelected? We understand that you've just made him an appointee?


LegendaryBeast 9 months ago

I just lost all respect for Bob Dole. I guess his apparent ethics of years past were just a sham. Go figure! Just another GOP old, rich, white guy!


63BC 9 months ago

Any political community that reaches a point where it views those who disagree as 'senile' 'unethical' or 'insane' needs to take a deep breath and step back from politics for a while.


Edward Coan 9 months ago

Dwight D. would be rolling in his grave if he knew one of his relatives supported this ultra right-wing maniac.


kansas_cynic 9 months ago

Lost all my respect for Bob Dole. He was once someone with ethics, seems he no longer does. Always liked to take visitors to Dole Center, never again!


Brad Greenwood 9 months ago

You know, until I see and hear Bob Dole say the words that he supports Brownback, I'm not buying it.


Abdu Omar 9 months ago

I am deeply saddened to hear that Dole is part and parcel of the Brownback campaign. I hope people see Brownback as he is and will not reelect him under any circumstances. Those above me have said it better than me, but this state is in deep trouble and no matter who runs against him will certainly get my vote. I am deeply afraid for Kansas. We need, demand a change.


oldexbeat 9 months ago

senility, I can only hope -- but then Dole was a Koch lover in his presidential attempt. Damn. He could have just stayed out of the insanity that is now Kansas Brownbackistan politics. Why? Why? Why?


mikekt 9 months ago

"A good man with the right ideas and experience" .......yea, if you want to run Kansas into a similar tax cutting mess that George W. Bush left our country in after giving up a budget surplus to sheer madness .

I reiterate that it was the moderate Republicans in Johnson County along with the Democrats in Wyandotte County that have been growing the Kansas Economy .

When you ask professionals about "Why Johnson County?", they will tell you that it has Good Schools, a Well Educated Workforce Populace, Solidly Preforming Government Services & Solid Public Safety .

Not exactly the Brownback Model !

Brownie and his friends seem hell bent on blaming Government (and His own Is A Great Example) of screwing everything up from the DMV,to his SOS Suspending his own parties' voters rights to Vote . WHAT????

He's cutting taxes that will hobble education and public safety, robbing money that's in the bank from the KTA, to fund his maddening tax short fallen ideas elsewhere, he has decimated the arts, as if private money would magically replace state funding ( yea, one of the Kochs is a big time arts New York City......., he has turned out the states health care system to private firms who aren't there, on behalf of their share holders, to do anything for free , he has kept a regressive sales tax around that should have been left to expire, to funnel tax cut monies to the ultra rich, at the expense of the poor & middle class, who now spend less $ everywhere for it .

I think that he is a con man, in the tradition of all con men, by appealing to the states Christian Majority, if he is one of them.....thru.the Christian Identity Scam, complete with the Capitol Hill prayer room ,

This state is heading towards a financial Waco or Jones Town ......maybe even with enough madness, to attempt to arrest federal ATF agents enforcing federal laws in Kansas .

I don't feel horribly sorry for the people who died at Waco, Jones Town.......... or for those who invested and lost all of their retirement with Bernie Madoff ....or suffer in Ks for not voting. Want something for nothing ?

I mean they closed their eyes and their minds to fhe obvious signes that something was wrong until it was way too late . They chose to believe the rediculous....... and they got their rewards for that .

Dole is just embarrassing himself, to no good end,......and Mary Jean Eisenhower is no Dwight D.Eisenhower, who would have sent the Koch Industries Candidate packing .

She doesn't seem to get the difference between "People to People" and Brownies "People Screw People Programs "


Bob Forer 9 months ago

I have lost some respect for Bob Dole in light of this news.


Stain 9 months ago

Sad to see Bob Dole sink so low.


James Nelson 9 months ago

Its unbelievable to believe that Eisenhower's granddaughter thinks she can find a humanitarian leading Brownbackistan. Bob Dole should be ashamed of himself.


Newell_Post 9 months ago

".....honorary national co-chairman...." Isn't governor a state office? Why does he need a national chairman, "honorary" or "co-" notwithstanding?


fearthephog512 9 months ago

Sad to see Dole associate himself with the Brownstain campaign. Regardless of who Sam faces in the general election, he'll have at least a $2 million advantage with already more than 500k in the coffers. If Kansas is to have a new governor in 2014, it will have to be a result of grassroots moderate thinkers.


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