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On Letter: Voting record


Larry Moss 8 months, 4 weeks ago

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

And, I support their vote and positions.


Stain 9 months ago

Puppets for the Kochs. Nothing more.


Leslie Swearingen 9 months ago

I don't think anyone is being distracted by the royal family as there is time enough in the day to think about more than one thing. I am fascinated by the royal family and anxiously awaited the birth of Kate and Will's first baby. I even had sympathetic labor pains. They are people as well as royals and I imagine the Queen is feeling like any great-grandmother.

I still have time to think about Syria and that awful civil war which has being going on for so long, the elections in Egypt and Iran, and the Palestinian apartheid.


fmrl 9 months ago

It would be nice if the mainstream media actually reported on what is relevant to the citizenry. They have completely abandoned that role. Now we are distracted by such things as the royal family and the Kardassians, whoever they are.


Milton Bland 9 months ago

Thank god our Kansas delegation has the good sense to defeat such an outrageous bill. The so called farm bill has little to do with farming but rather it has become a liberal tool for making government even bigger, creating a society totally dependent upon government hand-outs, and promoting government waste of MY taxpayer money. Obama has been successful in putting millions of folks on food stamps and in the process those people look to the government for their very survival. That process has done away with self-worth and the initiative to improve ones status in life. It is no wonder we have so much poverty in this country when the liberals make a living promoting such programs.


rtwngr 9 months ago

Did the author include any of the other tripe that was tacked on to those bills in the form of amendments. I think not.


Dont_Tread_On_Me 9 months ago

We are paying attention - good job folks!


Richard Heckler 9 months ago

The Kansas delegation is not republican by any stretch of the imagination. They belong to the right wing ALEC party virtually controlled by the Koch bothers,Wal-Mart family money and few others.

Why would anyone vote republican ever again considering the party has been subverted by the extreme right wing?

Voting right wing is supporting this insane war policy.This policy deserves to be called in, put in the trash never to be seen again. The WRONG Policy.

"Rebuilding America's Defences," openly advocates for total global military domination” (Very dangerous position which threatens OUR freedoms and the nations security)




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