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On Prison parolee arrested in connection with robberies, crowbar attack at Lawrence pharmacy and pizza restaurant


Ewok79 8 months, 4 weeks ago

It looks like those state budget cuts are taking effect. Thanks Sam.


himni 9 months ago

Maybe if you don't know a person or thier situation you shouldn't be so quick to pass judgement.... Yes drugs are bad. But life can be too. Or at least where I come from anyways. He is a good man that has never had a person crime before. Personally I know, if he even did commit these crimes, he never intended on hurting anyone.


patkindle 9 months ago

just another poor mis-understood doper so sad, it wasn't his fault, blame someone else drugs are good, everyone in Lawrence says so


cheeseburger 9 months ago

Where are the usual bleeding hearts pleading for a 59th chance for this loser?

It's obvious to some of us that not everyone can be rehabilitated.


hiphopsux 9 months ago

how do you escape from prison and then get out 2 years later? Wasn't the writing on the wall here?


bearded_gnome 9 months ago

Allender had recently been paroled from Kansas prisons, where he served time for burglary and theft convictions in Shawnee County. Douglas County prosecutors charged him today with aggravated robbery and attempted aggravated robbery in connection with two separate incidents Sunday morning and evening.

---plus the obscounding? sure sounds like he got paroled awfully quickly!

I'm also thinking this dude was needing some useful edumacation in a useful skil set in the joint?


Matthew Herbert 9 months ago

Time for crowbar control legislation, a 5-day waiting period at Home Depot and "no crowbar" signs on public buildings.


dncinnanc 9 months ago

Drugs are bad, mm'kay...


Ron Holzwarth 9 months ago

I am thinking bad thoughts about the Parole Board.


Steven Swaggerty 9 months ago

Maybe this piece of Garbage will finally be removed from the Streets permanently!


LJ Whirled 9 months ago

Thank you, Pizza Person, for taking one for the team. I would hope that the fact he actually struck someone with the crow-bar (deadly weapon, no?) ought to secure a longer sentence.

Thank you, CVS, for valuing your employees (or, at least, your money) enough to invest in a good video system.

As to the robber .... we used to say, "AMF!"


Terry Lee 9 months ago

Dude ....don't bring a pizza to a crowbar fight....


bevy 9 months ago

Guess he missed his 3 hots and a cot. He doesn't look too unhappy about going back in. Glad no one was seriously hurt!


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