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On Opinion: U.S. neglecting schools, colleges


Pheps 8 months, 3 weeks ago


US spends the most in the world on education. What has it gotten the country? High unemployment. More people on the government dole than the country has ever had in history.

If the teachers are given more money, does that mean they will teach better?


Richard Payton 8 months, 3 weeks ago

The number one rated school in Kansas is Sumner Academy of Arts & Science located in Kansas City. This comes from US News & World report.


George Lippencott 8 months, 4 weeks ago

What a simplistic and sophomoric rant.

Higher education and education in general are receiving somewhere between two and four times in real money above what it received in my college days. Not all comes from the state but we are certainly not neglecting education.

The state is bound by the same realities as all institutions. There is a balance between how much tax you can collect and how much money you can spend on various social goals. Since my youth the amount committed to social activities as increased many fold. The state, given the economic down turn, has little choice but to spread around the shortfall. If we are shorting people with disabilities and undergraduate education how can anybody argue with a straight face for more resources for higher education?

Now our governor has argued that by cutting income taxes in the short term we will increase jobs yielding more income taxes in the long run. This promise comes with no actual data to support it (how many new jobs and when). It is well and good to be skeptical about our new wizard and I trust old Toto will soon expose him.

That said, when we get back to a more balanced tax structure there are many other areas that are in more desperate need then higher education. It is time for the higher educational lobby to man-up and adjust to a somewhat leaner world (a cut of 4% - wow).


fmrl 8 months, 4 weeks ago

This argument is nothing but post hoc ergo propter hoc, false cause. I would have expected a little more intelligence from an ex-chancellor. Also, where is the empirical evidence that increased funding leads to increased performance. The biggest problem with "education" is that it has become indoctrination.


jayhawklawrence 8 months, 4 weeks ago

The only way that the US will have any hope of maintaining a large leadership role in the future is by doing a better job of educating its citizens. We also need more adults committed to life long learning and college enrollment in night and weekend classes and online programs. We can no longer be focused simply on young people. When young people see their parents working hard for grades, it cannot but have a positive effect.

I wonder at times whether our politics plays are large role in the dumbing down of our population. Take for example, short term planning and the disregard for long term comprehensive planning. Kansas politicians boast about being a national leader while they are making dramatic cuts in education and giving tax breaks to rich people who don't need them. That sounds like a race to the bottom to me.

Our community college system and our 4 year programs need to have a more uniform standard in regard to the transfer of college credits and the design of our curriculums. Much of what you see with our educational system is too focused on profit over common sense. The problem is not only about funding. These schools need to do a better job of working together for the benefit of all students.


Pheps 8 months, 4 weeks ago

Well, to this point. Who has been doing all the teaching to get students 12th in the world? The government. A sports team would fire the coach. They would not give the coach more money.

Tell us merril. What is the difference with the nonsense offered to the working man by, the crooks, bankers, politicians and the government education system?


Richard Heckler 8 months, 4 weeks ago

With all due respect the writers are missing a big big issue. Politicians are defunding public education because their special interest campaign supporters want public education tax dollars in their bank accounts.

Then the USA has leveraged buyout artists who somehow manage loans that buyout USA corporations then all this debt is placed upon the company being pursued by the leverage buyout con men. Then the companies fail under the guise that union wages are too high when in fact the objective was to shut the company and shift the jobs to China for bigger and bigger profits. Why the hell are bankers funding this nonsense?

What this does is kill jobs for Americans no matter their levels of education. This is counter productive.

Also the college loan program have been operated exactly like the BUSHCO home loan program. Tons of money being loaned to students who have no way hell to pay back this money. Why the hell are bankers funding this nonsense?

We have citizens getting educated but NO JOBS are waiting for them like in the good ole days.

The nation has crooks and bankers working to kill the USA job market yet making large large sums of money doing so. Why the hell are bankers funding this nonsense?

The nation has crooks and bankers loaning out large sums of money to people becoming educated while recording big time profits YET the jobs are leaving the country. Why the hell are bankers funding this nonsense?

Crooks,bankers and politicians have ripped the USA money making working class system apart. Why the hell are bankers funding this nonsense?


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