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On Leaders gather to celebrate groundbreaking of Ninth and New Hampshire hotel project


jack22 2 years ago

"It just cost too much" to develop this property with our own money they tell us, even though we all know Compton owns his own bank. Good thing they had the "tools in place" (city commissioners) who were willing to divert future tax proceeds to help a private individual make even more money.

After cutting the ribbon, Compton said, "with all this money I've saved on parking and taxes, I think I'm going to go buy me some more zebras."

jack22 2 years ago

Right, but these are for display or show only. They're there to boost his ego so that he can strut around town like the Michael Jackson of Lawrence that he is.

repaste 2 years ago

And to shoot dead on occasion.

history 2 years ago

Envy is an awful character fault !

jack22 2 years ago

Is it envy to think that our tax dollars could have been better spent on things that benefit the whole community instead of helping to pay for a private parking garage for a property developer with deep pockets?

When the police accuse someone of stealing, I guess now they can say, no it's ok, the city commission approved this, it would have cost too much otherwise. Or does that only apply for white collar crime?

jafs 2 years ago

No, that sounds like common sense to me.

Richard Heckler 2 years ago

All Doug has to do is snap his fingers and his cheer leaders come running to produce a facade that his project is quite popular.

Then again Doug cannot be blamed for that behavior. It's not his fault some are afraid not to respond accordingly. That takes backbone.

If Doug had agreed to reduce the overall height there likely would have been a lot more cheerleaders for his project as a show of appreciation. Life must go on....

Abdu Omar 2 years ago

They are going to build this hotel downtown and Bella Sera is still mostly empty and in trouble. What a waste and I thought it might be before they built it. But, let Compton build all he wants, I have no problem with that, but I had the tax abatements he gets. We help him get richer and richer while the city needs the taxes for other projects.

no_thanks 2 years ago

Not a fan of incentives either, but two things about your comment need to be corrected. First, Bella Sera has sold all of their condos. Second, and clearly incentives did benefit Doug, but it is not harming the City. The City will receive the same amount of taxes as they did prior to the building. They are just abating (or more accurately rebating) their incremental property and sales taxes. But, as i understand it, imbedded in that rebate is money that will go toward debt reduction for the parking garage across the street and purchase of the Salvation Army building to provide "green space" for the Arts Center. Again, not a fan of the incentives, but at least in this instance, the Community is receiving some additional benefit. If we have to add firemen, policemen, or other assets to serve the project, then it is costing the City. And, just so its clear, the developer pays for all the infrastructure improvements, which by replacing sewer and water lines in the Ninth and New Hampshire intersection is a benefit to others in that area.

jack22 2 years ago

Yes, as a city grows there is an increased need for more police, firefighters, roads, sewers, schools, and other things we all pay taxes for. A high rise hotel will surely put more strain on our roads, police, firefighters, parking garages, and other city services than an empty lot. That's why this property should be paying their fair share in property taxes to offset the increased costs to the city. Instead of paying $50,000 a year in property tax this hotel is going to be paying less than $8,000 a year. In addition, they're going to be taking a percentage of the sales tax from the hotel and sticking it directly back into their own pocket instead paying it back to the city for services we all depend on. Everybody in Lawrence should have a room reserved every year for a week for twenty years at no charge at this hotel, after all, one way or another we're al being charged for it in the form of increased property and sales tax the rest of us have to pay.

jack22 2 years ago

Is it envy to think our tax dollars could have been better spent on something that benefits the whole community instead of helping to pay for a private parking garage for the benefit of a developer with deep pockets?

When the police accuse someone of stealing in this town, I guess now they can say, it's alright, this was approved by the city commission, it would have cost too much otherwise. Or is that excuse valid only when it's a white collar crime?

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