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On Territorial Sheriff Samuel Jones' tombstone resting in Lecompton


mom_of_three 3 years ago

"He enforced the laws of Kansas, which were then pro-slavery,” Bahnmaier said. “But when he went into Lawrence once, he was shot. He came back to get a court order for warrants for those who attacked him, but he did go back with some men and burned the Eldridge hotel and other buildings, but no one died.”

Ah, the burning of the Free State Hotel, also known as the 1856 Sacking of Lawrence. They just didn't burn the hotel and buildings, they terrorized the town. It is also said that Jones was in the Kickapoo Rangers group that killed David Buffum. He also left for New Mexico due to a dispute with the governor. It is said that Jones wanted to use corporal punishment on free state prisoners and the governor said no.

mom_of_three 3 years ago

and that is a very simplified version of those events regarding the shooting of Jones.

mom_of_three 3 years ago

assumptions and generalizations about democrats lead no where.
because the democrats of the 1960's helped pass civil rights acts.

Dan Rose 3 years ago

Constitution Hall adminstratior? I'm unfamiliar with that term/position... :)


maylak 3 years ago

Very positive article about a controversial figure and controversial time in Kansas history. I hope they do a better job highlighting specific good deeds Jones did when they talk to the young kids, but it is interesting to have such an artifact back in Kansas.

mom_of_three 3 years ago

well, this article sure highlighted him.

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