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On Opinion: Freedom requires ongoing attention


jafs 2 years ago

Wow - tortured even for Cal.

At first he seems to be on to something, when talking of freedom. But, then rapidly twists and turns into ideas that limit freedom, and compel people to act as he thinks they should act, which is the opposite of freedom.

If you really believe in freedom, then you don't try to compel them to act as you would like them to act.

And he likes to slip in comments like "what is objectively right and good" which are very suspect, and generally for him a sort of veiled reference to the Bible.

No thanks, I prefer to believe in actual freedom - that means as long as people aren't harming others, it's not my business to interfere.

bearded_gnome 2 years ago

well written Cal and most timely as the federal government has gotten far too large and intrusive.

coherant to the end this piece given that many of our founders found inspiration and solace in the Bible.

bearded_gnome 2 years ago

Jafs wrote: No thanks, I prefer to believe in actual freedom - that means as long as people aren't harming others, it's not my business to interfere.

---killing a baby in the womb is the ultimate in harmng another, and impinging on his or her rights. intrusive government harms everyone's rights.

jafs 2 years ago

That would be a "fetus" in the womb.

And, I think that abortion is a complex and difficult issue, and neither side's rhetoric is sufficient.

And, we have laws about abortion based on the fact that a fetus which is viable outside the womb is more like a separate life.

Do you have any comments on the main substance of my post?

Trumbull 2 years ago

Bearded_Groan, I rarely or never comment on abortion. I do not have a qualified opinion either way. But you make it sound as if this issue is all because of and/or about the government's role. There is much more to it than that.

Trumbull 2 years ago

The biggest threat to our freedom is and always has been large corporate and industrial complexes. Since 1776 Government has done a good job of breaking trusts and limiting monopolization of industries. Until recently, banks have gotten too big too fail. I am not sure how much say our weapons mfgs have in our recent wars starting with Vietnam.

Just think how much Microsoft and Facebook and Twitter and cellular phones have changed us (for the better or worse). Proof that the threat may not always come from Government as we historically have thought.

Another threat to our freedom is an inactive congress. We have some in congress who willfully want to see this country fail...if it will make there chances better for the next election. Who want to see our treasury fail and not make good on our debt. That debt ceiling crisis at-least separated the traitors out (basically all Republicans). I used to like Republicans until the debt ceiling crisis. That changed things for me.

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