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On 100 years ago: While Lawrence enjoys 'safe and sane' Fourth, county sheriff breaks up 'keg party' on Eudora road


Clare Galloway 4 years ago

Wow- dumped the crowd on the pavement --

mom_of_three 4 years ago

I like "buzzed down in his new speed wagon"

Clint Church 4 years ago

Sarah, do you know when Woodland park quit being a place where everyone went and why?

workinghard 4 years ago

"Woodland Park was owned by the Lawrence Light & Railway Company. Today Brook Creek Park exists where the park once was. Ironically after the park closed in the early 1920s, many of the buildings and rides were left abandoned until a flood in 1951 washed them away. "

FlintlockRifle 4 years ago

Miss Sarah, another great find, keep them coming, love the wording of days of old

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