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On KU dean blasts negative national report on teacher preparation programs


toe 5 years ago

KU may be protesting a bit too much. KU hardly needs a teacher education program. As a research AAU school, the school is not a teaching university. As to the whether or not graduates are prepared to teach, I think is moot. There are so few new jobs, most of the graduates are working in food service or living with mom and dad.

kochmoney 4 years, 11 months ago

I know a recent graduate from that program, and she was immediately able to find teaching work.

fiddleback 5 years ago

He sounds "angry" because of how they conduct the ratings and that they alleged that KU charged over $400 for data.

KSManimal 5 years ago

NCTQ = Bill Gates and Wal Mart $, existing for the purpose of dismantling public education and replacing it with a for-profit privatized system. This sort of "research" is what they do...and it's all about publicity stunts like this one, designed to discredit public education.

Remember, these are the same people who think a six-week "churn 'em out & burn 'em out" teacher training program (a la "Teach for America") is the best thing ever.

Don't drink the kool aid.

kochmoney 4 years, 11 months ago


"In addition, the degree of inaccuracy in the data is shocking. Columbia was rated highly for the selectivity of an undergraduate program that does not even exist. Stanford received low scores for the reported absence of courses in mathematics education that do in fact exist (indeed, candidates must take three full courses in mathematics curriculum and instruction) and are prominently displayed on its website. California State University at Chico was rated poorly for presumably lacking “hands-on” instruction, even though it is well-known in the state for its hands-on learning lab and requires more than 500 hours of clinical training during its full year of graduate-level preparation"

Patricia Davis 5 years ago

I think many of the comments are probably, painfully true. This dean has not impressed me.

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