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On Report says schools underfunded $657 million in FY 2015


lucky_guy 5 years ago

Obviously Kansas schools don't teach math. Since our legislators can't seem to add to 433 million. I am starting to agree that Kansas schools are failing if they turned out our voters and legislators. I would say we are doomed, but it may be too late even for that. If you don't believe in magic then you won't believe in how Ks can get out of this. If you do believe in magic, fairie dust and unicorns then maybe there is a chance, it is our only hope.

skull 5 years ago

Lucky for us there aren't too many government teachers, but those math, language, arts, and social studies teachers sure are doing their jobs, despite the lack of support from people like toe, people who wouldn't know how to read or write without their public education.

adastraperapathy 5 years ago

If that were the case, wouldn't the estimate be much higher than $657 million?

That's about $225 per Kansan.

Without the state's recent irresponsible tax increase on the poor to pay for even larger tax cuts for the wealthy, the state would have enough to pay for it.

Your Detroit comparison is ill-fitting and lazy.

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