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On KU student arrested after fight sends Lawrence man to trauma center


MacHeath 11 months ago

Actually the phrase "hold their licker" was bastardized from the phrase " Hold there, pot-licker!" The phrase is of Appalachian origin, and has a different meaning. There is also a phrase "Hold your licker" which means "to hold ones tongue". This phrase originated in the early 1800's when Berta Tubblecrack, of Knothead Kentucky, caught her husband returning after midnight. She exclaimed "Nothing good happens after midnight!". He retorted "Hold your licker, woman!" The next morning Mr.Tubblecrack packed a carpet bag and moved to Vermont where being out after midnight is not deemed deviant behavior.


Bob Forer 11 months ago

Brothers seems to have more than its fair share of fights which result in arrests and or serious injuries. Never been there. Am curious. What type of crowd does it attract?


Maracas 11 months ago

KU is out for the summer and one of its students is not facing a summer of fun. He's facing a summer of dealing with a serious felony count, which could involve prison time. The victim is going to have some serious serious facial injuries to deal with. It may be hard to plead this down much due to the seriousness of the injuries. He's just lucky he didn't kill the guy.

KU students, end of the year, and mass quantities of available booze. Oh yeah. No one could have seen something like this coming.


fmrl 11 months ago

You see it all the time on TV and the movies when guys land hard punches and just shake them off. It doesn't work that way in real life.


jhawkinsf 11 months ago

Over the years, I've seen story after story where one person punched another, the victim falling, hitting their head and dying. Just last week, a soccer referee in Utah died in just such an attack. One person dead and the other off to prison for a significant amount of time. Who shall be declared the winner of this fight?

Both combatants here are lucky. That worst case scenario didn't play itself out. They might not be so lucky next time.


Aiko 11 months ago

"hold their licker" ? Wow.


Robert Rauktis 11 months ago

"arrested about 1 a.m." Nothing good ever happens after midnight.

I thought Texans bragged they could "hold their licker".


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