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On Opinion: Pessimism colors immigration debate


just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 4 years, 6 months ago

"Today’s entitlement state, which encourages an entitlement mentality,"

There goes George, getting lazy and sloppy with the term "entitlement" again, but demagoguery is very difficult without being intellectually lazy and sloppy.

Fortunately, there are contributors to the national dialogue who don't suffer from the same intellectual sloth that George and so many others suffer from.

With Ryan's Ascent, A Few Thoughts On 'Entitlement' by GEOFF NUNBERG



"You can deplore "the entitlement society" without actually having to say whether you mean the social or political sense of the word, or even acknowledging that there's any difference. It's a strategic rewriting of linguistic history, as if we call the programs entitlements simply because people feel entitled to them.

But to make that linguistic fusion work, you have to bend the meanings of the words to fit. When people rail about the cost of government entitlements, they're thinking of social benefit programs like Medicare, not the price supports or the tax breaks that some economists call hidden entitlements. And what people call the culture of entitlement is elastic enough to include both the high school senior who's been told he has a right to get into Harvard and the out-of-work plumber who isn't bothering to look for a job because he knows his unemployment check is in the mail. But it rarely stretches to include the hedge-fund manager who makes a life model of Ayn Rand's Howard Roark, who is the most conspicuous monster of entitlement in all of modern American literature.

No question, it would be useful to have an adult conversation about entitlement and entitlements. Not that politicians or pundits are about to abandon the words or the semantic sleight of hand that's built into them. But with more people paying close attention, those moves may be a little harder to get away with."

wigglwagon 4 years, 6 months ago

"economic dynamism"?    That is another one of those terms like "American exceptionalism" that is used by people who have who either have absolutely no understanding of economics or they have an ulterior agenda to pursue. 

If immigration were as good for the economy as these pundits claim, America would be thriving right now instead of floundering in unemployment and debt.

One thing and only one thing governs prosperity for America. That is supply and demand. Supply is worthless without demand. The greatest entrepreneurs, job creators, or whatever they are being called today, the greatest of them are abject failures without customers with plenty of money to spend. The Democratic Party spent 50 years fighting to protect AMERICAN WORKERS from the insatiable greed of employers and in that time period America built the biggest and most prosperous economy the world has ever seen.

Unfortunately both parties have spent the last 30 years helping American businesses use immigration, free trade agreements, and deregulation to drive down wages and abolish benefits for American workers. American businesses have destroyed their own CUSTOMER base in their quest for higher profits.

Unless America returns to protecting it workers from the insatiable greed of employers, there will be no return to prosperity for America.

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