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On Mrs. Kansas not the first from Lawrence this year


Jean Robart 5 years ago

Why was either of the ladies crowned Mrs Kansas in Missouri?

5 years ago

That's where the regional competitions were held.

Frank A Janzen 5 years ago

Grammar alert!! "Stephens, on the other hand, had never entered any beauty pageants (she did used to model), but ..." http://www.learnenglish.de/grammar/usedtotext.htm "she did used to model" SHOULD BE "she did USE to model" !Note - The general rule is when there is did or didn't in the sentence, we say use to (without d) when there is no did or didn't in the sentence, we say used to (with d).

juma 5 years ago

She looks great amd I am sure she worked hard to get there; but is this news????

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