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On Opinion: Newspapers might get better with Kochs


Orwell 2 years ago

Great idea. Sacrifice accuracy for whatever "truth" further pads the Kochs' bottom line. Promote ignorance, and abandon even the semblance of distinction between journalism and propaganda.

Looks like we're headed toward a world in which, if you're rich enough, you ARE entitled to your own facts.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 2 years ago

The Kochs won't be buying these newspapers because it's a good "business investment" in and of itself. Ad revenues from newspapers continue to go down in a trend that is almost certain to continue.

They'll be buying these newspapers merely to amplify and "legitimize" the right-wing propaganda they already fund at ALEC, AFP and numerous astroturf organizations-- you know, repeat the same lies often enough, and they become truthy.

No legitimate journalist would want to be affiliated with that sort of sham. But Cal is not a journalist.

Alyosha 2 years ago

It's laughable, and points to Cal's sloppy and unethical thinking, that he'd lead his piece with an overgeneral reference to the “Mainstream media" being "alarmed." The headline for this piece could accurately read "Long-time member of media elite decries media elite's take on Koch Bros. newspaper plans."

Because his columns are so widely syndicated, Cal is a poster boy for the so-called "mainstream media." Either he's too thick to see that, or he knows it and plays his audience for fools anyway.

He's also a poster boy for what's wrong with civic conversation in the U.S.

The Journal-World does the local community a disservice by printing his pieces. Not because of what he writes per se, but because he engages in the worst kind of unexamined bias and sloppy thinking imaginable. If he were able to argue ethically, his opinions might be worthwhile. As it stands, he's simply a good example for younger Americans on what to avoid in terms of thinking and communicating.

Liberty275 2 years ago

As long as comedy central is still going, the left will have their news network.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 2 years ago

Sadly, a "comedy network" that makes no claim to be anything like a news network does better at dealing with facts than any of the various rightwing "news" sources out there.

Alyosha 2 years ago

How are you defining "left" here?

And what a strange assertion, that you consider Comedy Central to be a news network.

Avoids the assertion that there is no definition of "Media elite" that does not include Cal Thomas.

Liberty275 2 years ago

"How are you defining "left" here?"

Democrats and their little cults, like the green party. Maybe not quite so much the DINOs.

"you consider Comedy Central to be a news network."

You missed the reference to Jon Stewart and that wannabe hack colbert. I thought the reference was obvious.

Alyosha 2 years ago

That's a remarkably broad definition. In your thinking, then, all democrats are equally "left"? And as well as being remarkably, and thus unhelpfully, broad, your definition doesn't really define anything. What are the salient underlying beliefs of this "left" you seem to see? All democrats share those beliefs?

And how does it influence your thinking — if influence it it does — that all of the Founders were "liberal"?

It does no good for you or anyone else to have such ill-defined concepts. They simply prevent one from seeing reality.

verity 2 years ago

"It does no good for you or anyone else to have such ill-defined concepts. They simply prevent one from seeing reality."

I think that is the point. Disinform, confuse and change the subject and hope no one will notice that you've said nothing meaningful, only taken a gratuitous swipe at the "left."

Liberty275 2 years ago

"then, all democrats are equally "left""

Some are more left than others, but they are all to the left.

"if influence it it does — that all of the Founders were "liberal"?"

I'm pretty liberal, socially, but I'm not left. I think most of the founding fathers were closer to libertarian than anything else.

Trumbull 2 years ago

Comedy has a way of cutting to the truth. In this regard, I call it news.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 2 years ago

If the Koch brothers get a newspaper chain, it'll be used to get a president who would better advance their interests, and who would also carry out a war on women and carry out assassinations not only throughout the world, and but here, too.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 2 years ago

He's been very good to them, indeed. But for them, too much is never enough.

jhawkinsf 2 years ago

Between Merrill and Bozo, they have a combine 50,000 posts in this forum, yet complain that the Koch brothers are in danger of getter too much free speech. Now there is irony for you.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 2 years ago

There's to having no conception of how irrelevant this forum is in the larger scheme of things.

msezdsit 2 years ago

Great job of taking information and massaging it into useless misinformation. You seem to confuse free speech with yellow journalism. Nothing new, you have been doing this for 6500 plus posts on these forums. Look on the bright side, faux news and the Kochs could have a coveted position for you. Now theres irony for you.

jhawkinsf 2 years ago

Assuming facts not (yet) in evidence. Should the newspapers in question resort to yellow journalism, however that is defined, then your claim might have merit. Until then, it's mere speculation on your part. No, I'm not confusing free speech with yellow journalism. You're confusing facts with speculation.

As for the position they may have for me, coveted or not, I'm quite happy with what I'm doing now. And with retirement looming, a new career in journalism, yellow or otherwise, seems unlikely.

msezdsit 2 years ago

I think that if you are unaware of the practices of the Koch brothers (or just protective of their practices) than you might be naive enough to make the "assumption" that Bozos or Merrils comments are unwarranted. However, if you have any knowledge of the practices of the Koch brothers, then speculation of how their purchase may affect these newspapers is quite warranted.

I wouldn't imply that you take a position with the Kochs/Faux News, only that you might be very qualified too.

msezdsit 2 years ago

Well, for however you want to massage your comments, you took a cheap shot at merrill and bozo, plain and simple. I think it is quite presumptuous of you to put yourself in that position of judgement given your history on these forums. That is all I am saying. In so doing, you lend a lack of credence to your own posts.

To call these two radicals because you disagee with them is enough said about you.

jayhawklawrence 2 years ago

Not one ounce of integrity left in the writer of this column.

John McCoy 2 years ago

Hard to associate "strong and healthy journalism" with Koch brothers' propaganda. They are a destructive force in this country. Why is it never enough for "one percenters" like them. They already are billionaires several times over, own countless profitable companies, yet they always want more. With the Koch brothers and their ilk, more is never enough. Just plain good old American greed.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 2 years ago

The presence of these "conservative" brothers in American media needs some vvery careful attention.

Hitler did not take over Germany. The people gave it to him. They bought the Nazi (extreme right wing) drivel and the rest is hostory. (read "harsh right wing positions")

These political positions exist in America under the laughable lable "conservative"

They deserve very close scruitiny.

"Those who do not remember the lossons of history are doomed to repeat them."

MarcoPogo 2 years ago

Cal is funny when he starts off with the phrase "mainstream media."

scaramouchepart2 2 years ago

History has shown the media tends to legitimize the elitist faction. (Clark. 2001) urban politics. This, unfortunately, would be nothing new.

scaramouchepart2 2 years ago

Actually, MacLeod , 2011Urban politics reconsidered. For a start. Clark discusses urban political regimes.

verity 2 years ago

He said "ideologically balanced coverage."

I would question if, by definition, ideology can be balanced.

And therein lies Mr. Thomas' problem. Well, one of them.

Leslie Swearingen 2 years ago

Well, I worked on the school newspapers in high school and college and I was taught that first you find out about a story and then you ascertain the facts and that is what you write. You never, ever insert yourself or your beliefs into a story. This is not creative writing class. Just tell the people who, what, where, why.

I feel a little bitter when I read stories today. Since, I was in school when Kennedy was elected, and assassinated, and the Vietnam and Civil Rights Era, I could have written some humdingers. Still, when I think about it, just giving the verifiable facts about those events was enough.

I am very worried about the Koch's wanting own newspapers and the comments on here have been excellent. The only thing that any of us can actually do about any of this is to keep our own freedom of speech alive and well.

msezdsit 2 years ago

Great advice to anyone interested in (or currently attempting) journalism.

tomatogrower 2 years ago

For a minute I thought the headline was from the Onion. Alas, no. Half of me is laughing my head off, the other thinking I'd better take some more shooting classes to protect myself from these radicals. Cal and his ilk are scary. They want little robots who only think and act like they do.

Cait McKnelly 2 years ago

Koch will "legitimize" these papers the same way Rupert Murdoch "legitimized" FOX.
Yeah. Rigghhht. (No pun intended.)

ChuckFInster 2 years ago

Is that like how MSNBC was forced to legitimize their journalistic integrity regarding the Biden piece they fabricated ?

verity 2 years ago

Well, that was certainly unsettling.

rallen17 2 years ago

Apparently this writer knows what he and every other journalist will have to say to keep their jobs from now on if people like the Kochs get control of our media.

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