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On County asked to approve funds to begin restoration of Lawrence's Turnhalle building


irvan moore 5 years ago

the county commissioners and administrators are also the ones who gave the ok on the massive mess that was the color something or other concert last weekend. lots of noise and disturbance for the neighborhoods and tore the heck out of the fairgrounds

Clark Coan 5 years ago

There's only one remaining building there.

Randall Uhrich 5 years ago

"Turnhalle" is German for "Town Hall"!, although it was used for the named designations.

Clark Coan 5 years ago

Turnhalle and the Baldwin Woods need to be preserved but don't see why the Castle Tea Room and LAC need money. The fund is for natural and historic preservation.

Bob Forer 5 years ago

I thought the Castle Tea Room was a private, for-profit restaurant and banquet center. if so, the taxpayers should not have to support it.

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