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On Leadership class shapes Lawrence


David Holroyd 5 years ago

Hasn't produced much in the way of leadership at the City Commission level.
Maybe Planningand Development could benefit as well as the Planning Commission.

Wonder what all of these "graduates" think about Menards?

NewKansan 5 years ago

5506 comments from you? If you have an issue with all these elected officials, why not get off the computer and actually do something about it instead of complaining? I swear, people are never happy with anything.

Marilyn Hull 5 years ago

At least two other candidates in the city commission race were LL grads--Scott Criqui and Judy Bellome. Hugh Carter, whose term just ended, was also a LL grad.

Bryan Culver, quoted above, is Vice-chair of the Planning Commission. And Scott McCullough, Planning and Development director, is also an LL grad.

Marilyn Hull 5 years ago

The woman second from left is Susan Johnson, not Susan Thomas.

smileydog 5 years ago

It is a wonderful way to influence friends and enemies if you're on the nominating committee. I'd really like to get that person as a client. I'll nominate them, they'll get picked and I'll have a new client. You don't have to be astute to see when the fix is in.

This is why I do not belong to the Chamber in a City that is ranked second to the last.

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