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On Lawrence man punched in face by stranger on Massachusetts Street


Alceste 12 months ago

As long as this manner of behavior is confined to downtown, let the chips fall where they may. It's just one big, giant gun and knife club after dark down there anyway. If it stays confined to downtown it keeps it out of sections of town where the vast majority of people are actually living. Bravo Downtown Lawrence, Inc......keeping crime where it belongs.....Downtown....


Dan Blomgren 12 months ago

We should have an answer on who did the punching as soon as we review the tape from the video camera system we paid for and had installed downtown. Remember that's why we paid to have it installed to help these kinds of crimes exactly! What? You mean the camera didn't capture this heinous act? But we paid the money, and we .......had it installed, and ......we did everything right. Our police chief cited the example of it solving abduction cases so certainly it can solve a battery charge. What did you say? The crime didn't take place right in front of the camera so its of no use? All it recorded was an empty street? But we paid ...and we reviewed it.....and its supposed to work! I know. We just need another camera where this took place so we can catch it next time. Cameras for all! And on every corner!
Great article too btw! Informative and insightful ! I'm still looking for the story talking about how the spring rains are driving the earthworms to the surface.


Richard Heckler 12 months ago

After years and years of a dream city Lawrence,Kansas is no longer safe after midnight....bummer. After midnight when it was formerly quiet and pleasant.

A secret cost of reckless growth is more crime.


Caz Snwot 12 months ago

I saw most of this fight after leaving work. Didn't see a punch, but both individuals were clearly intoxicated.


bearded_gnome 12 months ago

hey slugger, you hurt your case with the girl, and just made the victim look better in her eyes.


Tasteoflawrence 12 months ago

catfishturkeyhunter and Frankie8 : Lunch together and the pine tar story mixed in ??? Add beer and Billy Martin .


James Minor 12 months ago

If this were "Person of Interest" before he would have tried to punch the guy. Someone in a suit would have come out of nowhere and stopped it. There would be cameras everywhere capturing all of these incidents and the mind police will arrest the criminal before he arrives at his house!!!


AlexFenton2 12 months ago

You are 83 percent more likely to be punched in the face by someone you know than by a stranger.


CWGOKU 12 months ago

If this were CSI, or some such show, they would have some store's security camera footage showing the "incident".
Hard hitting story.


Stop_the_Madness 12 months ago

Let's see some meaningful reporting.


ThePilgrim 12 months ago

It's always over a woman...


Steve Swaggerty 12 months ago

Advice: Don't talk smack you won't get punched!


Steve Bunch 12 months ago

Another story from the Naked City.


reality_check79 12 months ago

Again, why is this news? Happens every weekend all over Lawrence...


catfishturkeyhunter 12 months ago

It was probably the young woman's father.


autie 12 months ago

Nothing good ever happens after midnight. Maybe the unidentified man was just awakening from anesthesia.


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