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On Five years later, organization still keeping its 'promise'


Armstrong 12 months ago

Sounds like a great program, a win win for all


bevy 12 months ago

Maybe you guys should learn to read. She has TWO children, plus herself and her partner to feed. Thus the "three additional mouths." Sounds like the partner is stepping up as well. Little as we like to admit it, 15 year olds do get pregnant. In addition, we know nothing about the situation that caused them to go from in a home to homeless, but statistics say that millions of Americans are just a paycheck or two away from being in her shoes. Maybe you should stop judging and just pat her on the back for her willingness to take care of her kids, AND do the work needed to ensure she can keep doing so.


akt2 12 months ago

It seems like 23 year olds shouldn't have 8 year olds. Plus 3 more. I am glad that she has found assistance. It doesn't appear that there is or has been any guidance for a long time.


Daniel Speicher 12 months ago

Family Promise is by far and away one of the most amazing models of how to run a successful, goal-oriented program for the homeless. As a volunteer that loves working with this organization, I cannot tell you how much I love Dana and the volunteer staff and how much I appreciate what the organization has done for the needy in the Lawrence community.

As far as the Open Shelter, it is apples and oranges. No, they do not boast the numbers that FP boasts... But, that is due in great part to the difference in clientele. FP caters to families wishing to find practical ways off the street and back into society. Open Shelter caters to individuals (and some families) who perhaps are on the waiting list for an organization like FP or are not ready for a program like FP or are simply uninterested in a program like FP due to the strict restrictions, nomadic lifestyle or the fact that it is run through religious organizations (although the program, itself, is not religious in and of itself.) The Open Shelter also caters to those who are both mentally ill (therefore unable to gain lasting access to services or occupations) as well as those who are, sadly, just a bit less honorable and give those who are homeless a bad name by simply being lazy and making a "living" by grifting.

Nonetheless, both organizations are necessary. Just because a person might be mentally ill or unmotivated does not, of course, mean they should be left out in the extreme Kansas elements, left to go hungry or forgotten altogether. The latter of those people may be abhorrent, but they do not deserve to die.

Bottom line, however... I love FP because it looks to take those who are ready to get back in the workforce and back on their feet, a place to best prepare to do just that. Love you guys! Keep up the good work!!

--Danny Speicher


Haiku_Cuckoo 12 months ago

Lawrence Community Shelter should follow this example. Kudos to Family Promise!


friendlyjhawk 12 months ago

Thank you Family Promise for helping others help themselves. One of the best things about Lawrence.


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