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On Editorial: Eyeing the estimates


Lawrence Morgan 12 months ago

I completely agree with the above statements.

Where are the jobs?

Where are the new companies that Brownback has promised?


kansas_cynic 12 months ago

See from latest un-employment reports, Brownback's tax cuts are doing the exact opposite of what he predicted. Rate just went up to 5.6%. Where are the jobs that were promised to come rolling in?


somebodynew 12 months ago

I don't know this group, but am highly afraid they will bow to political pressure and present a report that is "rosy" just to boost the Gov and Legislature so that everything BB wants he will get - - and the shoe won't drop til later.

I hope I am wrong about this group, but that seems to be the way things work in this State anymore.


Paul R Getto 12 months ago

Not going to be pretty, I suspect. As we move deeper and deeper into 31% Sam's plan it will get much worse. Muscular jesusperson help us?


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