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On Former state representative Solbach critically injured after ATV and car collide


hedshrinker 1 year ago

LJW moderator: can you please close comments on this story; as usual, people don't seem to have the decency to refrain from making snarky comments and promoting their prejudices and agendas on a story of simple human accident. hope ALL involved tend to their own healing.


mateosmom 1 year ago

Hi my name is Lindsey, i was in the car when this gentleman came into our lane and we had no room to stop and was struck head on. i was unconscious and when i came to i got out of the car and immediately went to his aid cleared his airway and gave him comfort. for those you who want to make opinions on weather we was speeding well if 45 mile per hour is speeding then i don't know what is?! all i know is im still and will be worried about this man i don't care what his status is i care if he is ok. has anyone made a big fuss weather i was ok? I'm in extreame pain... Or the driver my friend Robert is he ok... no! so stop judging and start praying there are more than one person to this accident Ive tried to find out his condition but im not family so they wont release any info. this was a freak accident wrong place wrong prayers are with him and his family ....thank you!


markcosby 1 year ago

Our prayers for Mr. Solbach's speedy recovery. No doubt this war hero is as tough as they come. Get better fast!


chargeit 1 year ago

I feel for Mr Solbach and wish him a speedy recovery. His actions were illegal and have a degree of inherent danger. The vehicle, while legal to operate on the road was operating illegally in the wrong lane. Mr Solbach himself has been quoted as saying the road does have an an elevated risk and chose to operate a wide, slow, low, less visible, open vehicle, in poor weather, without a helmet - not exactly prudent judgment. Watch for pressure on county government to change the speed limit or other enforcement due to the imprudence of an individual with connections. As someone who has used this road thousands of times over 25 years, it is a county road, not an improved highway, not much has changed but the newer houses that have CHOSEN to live and build seem to have the attitude that since they are here now, the road should change for them. Granted in Mr Solbach's case, he has lived in Stull for sometime, he appears to have the same opinion.


bd 1 year ago

A Kawasaki Mule is a side by side machine that has a bench seat for two and has a steering wheel, it is a UTV not an ATV.


Mateosgranny 1 year ago

My daughter is the young lady involved in this accident. Her seatbelt and airbags saved her life. She is very upset and concerned about Mr. Solbach. They were driving about 45 miles an hour as the weather was not good. The officers said they were in no way at fault as he was coming toward them in their lane. She immediately ran to Mr. Solbach concerned for his welfare before she even checked herself! She is bruised and battered but she is fine, Thank God! We pray Mr. Solbach has a speedy recovery!


g_rock 1 year ago

Oh honey......hope your story continues John...


bearded_gnome 1 year ago

Solbach had expressed concerns about traffic and speeding on Stull Road more than a decade ago, when the county smoothed and repaved the road, which passes by his family's home and farm. Three people had been killed in accidents within a half mile of his house, and his family had lost several dogs and a cat to accidents caused in part by speeding drivers.

"It's a dangerous piece of road," he said then.

He welcomed the improvements but said he feared they might actually lead to heavier, faster traffic.

---yes, sometimes you see the danger coming, warn of it, and it gets you.

praying for his pain relief, healing and recovery.

he is a good guy.


ReneeBiberstein 1 year ago

May God Bless John and his family !!!!!!!!!!!! He is one of the best and honest attorney's I have ever known !!!!! Some people think they are the only ones on the road at times or they are in such a hurry to get to the NEXT Stop Sign...... They forget they're in Kansas a farming state and farmers are on the roads all over the place on all kinds of vehicles. Sorry you had to be hit John to open some peoples eyes ! God speed my friend !!!


Steve Swaggerty 1 year ago

Prayers are with Mr. Solbach. May the Lord be with him and his Family. Hope he's OK.


Lathrup 1 year ago

I happened to meet the man years ago. I wish him a speedy recovery.


brian33 1 year ago

Any word on the wreck yesterday on K10 and E1200 road just west of 59 intersection? Wife drove by and said a man was motionless and possibly stuck in his car. I never saw anything about it on here. Thanks


Bob Forer 1 year ago

John is a good guy. Hope he makes a speedy recovery.


Richard Payton 1 year ago

Hope a speedy recovery is had for Mr. Solbach.


sherbert 1 year ago

Sorry to hear that, hope he's ok.


Jean1183 1 year ago

Prayers for Mr. Solbach and family.


cheeseburger 1 year ago

Are those ATV's authorized for use on roadways such as Stull Rd.?


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