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On 100 years ago: Voter turnout expected near 100 percent for 'Commission Form' election


bearded_gnome 12 months ago

• "There are 4,672 citizens of Lawrence who are ready and qualified to vote on the Adoption of the Commission Form of Government for this city at the special election which will be held on April 28. A summing up of the registration figures shows an increase of 94 registrations over the totals for the municipal election on April first -- 94 persons registered for the purpose of voting on the Commission Form. The poll books closed last night at ten o'clock at the City Clerk's office. At the special election on April 28 the question of Commission government will be the only issue and the indications are that there will be a heavy vote cast at this time. It is expected that almost the entire registered vote will be out at this time."

---and now seems we need a ward system to properly represent ourselves.

I wish I could get those derned autoists to keep it down outside my home too!


Number_1_Grandma 12 months ago

Time to change 'form of government' again after a 100 yrs.

Lawrence needs to go to election of a Mayor for 4 yrs and councilmen elected from wards ( different parts of town ) for 2 yrs. Enough of this ceremonial, merry go round, one yr mayor; that has no real authority other than making appointments to boards and run the city commission meeting. Real change would come from this change. Until this change, no pay raise for commission as it stands!


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