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On Gov. Brownback signs into law concealed carry measure; campuses exempt for four years


yourworstnightmare 1 year ago

This is an authoritarian, big government law, telling universities that they will be forced to allow concealed carry of firearms on campuses.

This takes the decision away from university authorities and places it with the government.

Big government at its finest.


chzypoof1 1 year ago

You can find the data Skull. I'm not a member of the NRA. I threw in the Obama part for fun. I figured someone would bring it up...and completely ignore the point.

Good job.


chzypoof1 1 year ago

Angelus, your comment is the logical one, but people don't want to think logically for themselves anymore. They just spew the crap they see/hear on tv as truth. They don't want to know that crime drops when Conceal/Carry is implemented. They don't want you to defend your family, just wait for the cops to show up in 10 minutes. And the ultimate truth: Unstable/Criminal people will KILL regardless of Gun Laws. Lanza did it. Aurora guy did it. The Obama Gun Bill wouldn't have changed any of those shootings.

Conceal/Carry at least gives you a chance to defend yourself and your family.



dabbindan 1 year ago

let's think about this for a moment kansas lawmakers and governor...

all cops carry. they're good people mostly. sometimes, however good cops can become unhinged. they have acted on impulse and have done pretty ugly things. or really go off and premeditate some pretty ugly things. and their service revolvers have been involved.

if you look at the group of cops and the group of concealed carry permit holders, i'd say it's likely that the cop group is more likely to be stable and unlikely to do bad things, so, now we have a group of gun toters who are likely to have SOME members who will at some time become unhinged and have the right to carry their firearm into any frickin' public building or courtroom or senate/house chamber if it is their wish to do so. if i was a judge/public official who potentially could create some ill will among the public, i'd sure like to feel safe from confrontation with a firearm in my office where anybody can find me.

does anyone remember news out of colorado or texas recently where public officials have come face to face with a firearm? yeah, i know it happened at home, but plenty of people have met their makers seated at their office desk when a disgruntled person with a gun came to get them. i lost a childhood friend to that very situation.

what it comes down to is there is a basic assumption that concealed permit holders are not vulnerable to the human frailties that beset us all. this is a false assumption.

kansas officials will likely come to regret this legislation. '


Carol Bowen 1 year ago

Where's the money for beefed up security? This looks like an unfunded mandate.


Pork_Ribs 1 year ago

Your family is asleep. I break into your house and am creeping around with a gun. Are you justified in shooting me? Of course you are. No sane American, police or judge will say no. Then what is the difference if I am walking through KU's campus with my family as an armed criminal opens fire on civilians? (Va Tech) Why does the logic somehow change and that I can't defend my family wherever I go?


Jonathan Fox 1 year ago

Finally! Now I can defend myself on my campus and not just the store across the street, or walmart across town. The magical imaginary illusion of being safer on campus than across the street ends in Kansas.

Someone should let Kansas Board of Regents know that Pittsburg State University surveyed students and the majority of them want to be allowed to carry.


skull 1 year ago

"The law also won't make people with valid state permits subject to criminal prosecution if they carry concealed weapons into a building, though officials can direct them to remove the gun or leave."

Nothing like protecting criminals with know, that thing we all need guns to protect us from.


Pork_Ribs 1 year ago

Here's the problem Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little and the unwise students with the same juvenile opinions: Constitutional rights do not change with the winds of public opinion. Who cares what people on campus want? It's not about them. It's about an American's right to protect themselves. That's it.


kernal 1 year ago

I'm all for people being allowed to carry concealed. The part that riles me about the gun control debate is those who don't want to include background checks. Leaving that step out of the equation is naive and irresponsible.


eugunieum 1 year ago

The bill sent to the Gov. was veto proof. I can agree that there are students at KU I wouldn't trust with a squirt gun, some instructors too. I have a hard time telling a Veteran that just came home from Iraq & has a cch that they can't carry. I haven't called anyone names on here, ever, but many of those that don't agree with me don't have a problem calling me a redneck or uneducated, of which I am neither. I carry when I can, honor all posted signs, and don't carry into peoples homes, unless I know it is OK. Most of the time I still don't carry. I have had more training than just what is required by the State of Kansas for a cch, am very careful what I carry & how I carry it. To look at me, you would never know. That is the way it is supposed to be. If a madman wants to kill, they will find a way. I don't want them hurting my family or myself, or some other innocent person. And yes I am aware about the guy in Olathe that was dumb enough to carry in his pocket without a proper pocket holster. I have had my life threatened 3 times by students with mental problems. The current law says a person with mental problems cannot buy a gun. In the case of that wacko in Newtown, his Mom bought the guns, then didn't keep them in a safe. I don't mean a cheap security cabinet, I mean a gunsafe. Yes they are expensive, but worth every penny. Something in that whole Lanza family seems wrong to me. I would like to see more security in all of our schools, and public buildings. We don't seem to have the money for this, but we can spend 25 million on a rec center at 10 highway & plowed ground, a library in the day of electronic books and info. Our high schools have finest available sports complexes, but in building security is a joke.


JayhawkFan1985 1 year ago

I like the way Brownbackward is for the US constitution when it align with his wacky agenda but belittles it when it doesn't. The constitution isn't an a la carte menu. We have a right to privacy, and health care should be solely between a doctor and patient. Lets also not forget the whole well regulated militia clause to the 2nd amendment...


lawrenceguy40 1 year ago

Thank-you Governor Brownback. This article is written from a liberal viewpoint and only focuses on one aspect of the law that didn't actually make it this time, this legislation is a major boost for the safety of the people of the now great State of Kansas.

We can also rejoice in today's news from the Senate in DC. toomey, collins, mccain and kirk had better start thinking about new vocations.


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