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On Lawrence-based Wicked Broadband announces plan to install super-fast 1 gigabit Internet service to Lawrence neighborhood


Ken Schmidt 12 months ago

The problem with this thread is the, "what does it do for me that Knology/AT&T can't" crowd has no idea what technology is heading towards, and might NEVER have streamed an HD movie from HULU, Netflix or the like. They have little idea why gigabit fiber might be important to them. That crowd cannot, currently, imagine cutting the cord to their television service and utilize an online, a la carte provider and pay $7.99 for the basic 80-100 channels. They would rather pay way too much and maintain status quo. This might sound like a dig, but its not. Unfortunately, its a problem in our nation too. We have lost much of the ability as a people to envision the future.

I am not blinded by Wicked/Freenet's failure to perform in past promises. Like another author proclaimed, I too am willing to pay $10 for a broadband lottery ticket and $6 to promote the movement. The reason EVERYONE should be excited about ANYONE willing to install fiber in our residential neighborhoods is merely the chance for an opportunity to keep up with the REST OF THE WORLD'S increasing bandwidth needs. The US is very quickly losing that race and it will take an increasing amount of time to build the infrastructure to catch back up!



hitme 1 year ago

Anything we pay for we think we've paid too much. I wish Internet was cheaper too, but I pay for what I need. That said, I don't have an appreciation for the value of faster internet at double the price. If I had a business that needed to upload very large files, I'd be interested. But to pay an extra $600 per year, I just don't have the need. I do have to say that I've been satisfied with Sunflower/Knology/WOW over the years. Their tech support has been superior; they've been responsive and have never charged for on-site visits, even for an 18-connection set-up that utilized three techs.


invisiblepenguin 1 year ago

These are the biggest bunch of crooks in town. I was in their office one day and watched a 30ish guy about 5'10 to 6ft with short blonde or light brown hair first hand say how he was tired of all the (explitive) people that expect him to wave a magic wand to make something work they didn't even pay for and all the money he was loosing then asked me if I was there to get their free plan. Yeah I was there to get service and pay for it becaise I thought it would help pay for people who couldnt afford service as their website claimed but after his belegerance I left and am glad I did after hearing from numerous people and witnessing all the bs these guys pull. They actually repeatedly came and knocked on my ex boyfriends door once to twice a week for someone who used to live there claiming he owed them money and they were taking him to court if he didn't pay. Funny that they never did and left him alone really quick once he informed the two guys what he did for a living.


pagan_idolator 1 year ago

Just switched back to Knology from Wicked Broadband. With Wicked Broadband I could not watch a movie with my Roku and check my email at the same time most of the time. When having issues after 6pm you were out of luck since all you got when you called them was an answering machine stating they were not open. During the time I had them the monthly charge went from $38 to $50. Really wanted it to work as I think Knology is too expensive and their customer service line can be a true nightmare. However I am now on the platinum internet plan and have no caps and can surf the net and watch a movie at the same time. Paying a bit extra is worth not having the aggravation. The final straw with Wicked Broadband was it took me almost 3 hours to watch a 1 hour episode due to all the buffering. If Wicked can pull this latest thing off without a hitch and all the issues of their current system I would return in a heartbeat.


Termcd4 1 year ago

I totally love Nel and Joshua, and think it's awesome that they are working hard and making a name for themselves. Most of the guys, if not all, and former military. They are honest ,hard working fellas. You all that post on this site, aren't happy unless you are dogging someone...doesnt matter what it is, ya all are NEVER happy. Pitiful.


UneasyRider 1 year ago

See Joshua paid his people well to post supportive rants on forum. Wonder how many of these employees actually use Freenet's service.


newyawkertonMET 1 year ago

I have been a Freenent/Wicked susbcriber for several years. I can tell you, if you operate wireless devices within the range of their radios at home, at a business, or downtown, you will get up/down service at speeds that seem to be much faster than Knology. There are no caps with their wireless service. Occasionally, service can get interrupted, but a quick reset of the modem or phone call to the very helpful Neil at the service desk and you will be back up in minutes. Where I had any equipment failures, Neil has come out to my house in answer to my service call, upgraded my equipment for no fees or costs, and got me back up and running smoothly. They are a fantastic company to do business with, very motivated to help their customers achieve service that everyone deserves. Knology, not so much.

I will definitely support Wicked's endeavors of fiberoptic service throughout Lawrence. You should too, as good things are happening. They are a good company, as Optimus87 attests.


Optimus87 1 year ago

Please do tell, HootyWho! Who is your source of info on such unknown facts?


Optimus87 1 year ago

I am very displeased to see so much negativity for someone like Wicked/Freenet who is doing nothing but trying to make this community better.

streamfortyseven - "Google Fiber - yes". I have a friend here in town who was one of the first test sites for Wicked Fiber. I have never seen speeds that fast in my life! AT&T and Knology couldn't match these speeds on their best days. (96 Mbps Down). So I tell you what, you just sit and wait for "Google Fiber" to come to town and the rest of us will enjoy Wicked fast speeds that are ALREADY HERE!

OonlyBonly - "The same guy that brought us Freenet - with terrible service and no tech support even when the problem was with their equipment. Caveat emptor" I was at the unveiling of "Wicked Fiber" yesterday and saw the video that is currently available at This video more than explains how FreeNet started as well as how it has evolved into what it is now. What connection was available to you 8 years ago that was better then FreeNet? I am very supportive of Wicked Broadband (if you couldn't already tell) because they have came from the ground up, RIGHT HERE IN LAWRENCE!! They believed in this town and the people in it. They could have packed up and left a long time ago and moved to bigger cities chasing bigger fish...BUT they didn't!

What's the best part about Wicked? They AREN'T your normal 9-5 ISP!!

I've seen their trucks rolling around and up telephone poles at midnight, making sure that it's customers have service. These guys don't stop! I guarantee you won't see Knology or AT&T trucks out that late. I have no idea how long it's been since you've had their service but I can personally vouch that "they have no tech support" is complete CRAP!! As far as I am concerned, no one works harder to provide the best internet service, in this town, except Wicked.


HootyWho 1 year ago

bet i know which end of town gets the service


Hudson Luce 1 year ago

Google Fiber - yes; anything to do with Lawrence Freenet or whatever, absolutely not.


Bob Forer 1 year ago

Can somebody tell me the difference in speed between what is being proposed and what I currently have with Knology. And is this difference very noticable if you are not uploading or downloading big files.


gphawk89 1 year ago

"Montgomery said a nearly three-minute promotional video for his company took four hours to upload onto the Internet via a traditional connection in Lawrence." What exactly is a "traditional" connection? That's awfully slow.


OonlyBonly 1 year ago

The same guy that brought us Freenet - with terrible service and no tech support even when the problem was with their equipment. Caveat emptor


kuhusker 1 year ago

It is kinds interesting to think about it, as a thought experiment - for the money the city is pouring into Rock Chalk Park, they could wire every home and business in Lawrence with fiber internet and have plenty of money left over to run the network "for free" for several years.

Imagine, say 3 years of free fiber internet (followed by market pricing on it) for every person and business in Lawrence. What would that have done to our economy as compared to the benefits Rock Chalk Park will bring for our economy?


Norma Jeane Baker 1 year ago

Although I admire his entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Montgomery has a less-than-stellar track record of providing internet service in Lawrence. He promises big and then can't deliver. There is no reason to think that this endeavor will be any different.


Matthew Del Vecchio 1 year ago

“We’re going to provide disruptive pricing into the marketplace,” Montgomery said.

That's a very true statement. In the end this can only be good for Lawrence residents and businesses. Knology/Wow/Sunflower's business internet pricing is ridiculous.


just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 1 year ago

Wicked/Freenet has been trying to find space to operate alongside the duopoly that's been entrenched in this town for the last dozen or more years. They haven't been entirely successful, but I won't claim to know all the reasons for that.

Still, if they can bring world-class bandwidth, up and down, for prices that compete with or beat the much slower connections that are currently available, I'll gladly sign up.


Lawrence Morgan 1 year ago

I support Josh Montgomery all the way. He has had the foresight to invest in this city.

No one else has.

Meanwhile, the City Commission has lagged far behind - as far as I'm concerned, they should all be fired.

I work within sight of Google in Mountain View, and I can tell you that the cities which have super fast broadband are far ahead for jobs (and all the other information - connecting services), than those who haven't.

Meanwhile, there's all this concern - and probably hidden fees - behind the Rec Center.

Broadband is where it's at in the future. And you'll notice that KU has also been far behind in this field. Where KU should be embracing internet classes and encouraging a sense of comradeship among internet employees, instead - and the chancellor is greatly at fault here for not seizing these opportunities - all they are talking about is the Rec Center.

Josh Montgomery - I'm for him all the way!


Hooligan_016 1 year ago

I'll probably never use freenet /wicked broadband, but I support anything that might kick Knology in the rear and try to get them to get rid of data caps. It's 2013, this is just friggin ridiculous.


Matthew Herbert 1 year ago

At&t - $19,95/ month. Never had a problem with it.


cowboy 1 year ago

Anything associated with Montgomery should be avoided.


average 1 year ago

On one hand, I've never heard anyone with the slightest bit of good to say about these guys. How much actual bandwidth do they have on their single-sourced Cogent feed? An all-buried fiber ethernet feed is ludicrously expensive and time-consuming to build. Which is why Google Fiber went with pole drops and nearly all residential fiber installations use much cheaper passive-optical-networking. Nothing passes the smell test. Oh, and Google actually announced their neighborhood targets before asking for commitments. So much more transparent.

On the other hand... really, really want. Want enough that I want to believe. Want enough that my $10 is already down (and I don't expect to see that $10... just calling it a high-speed-internet lottery ticket).


Debra Schmidt 1 year ago

Regardless of the complaints from users of the local cable, phone, and Internet company - everyone knows it is managed and operated everyday by Lawrence folks who need not turn to gimmicks (remember FreeNet?) and promises to attempt a viable business. The only component needed is to encourage competition and to have corporate owners who understand the uniquely, highly educated customer base that exists in this Lawrence market. Josh Montgomery will continue to try gimmicks and will find some believers. Check the numbers . . . Lawrencians still want the package that provides value; local employees who are your neighbors; and those who respond the best to customer needs. Check with Wicked in six months and see what has happened to your $10. I already sense a chortle coming from the offices of the stable business providers.


Lori Nation 1 year ago

Doesn't he mean wicked slow? We had the service and it was super slow and always kicking us off the network. Switched to Knology and is way faster. And customer service is there for us not just pick and choose your hours of operation.


chootspa 1 year ago

Google offers gigabit service for $70 per month and the slower service for free (less the installation fee.) That's with no download or upload cap, btw. I could open up that puppy all day, and Google has the infrastructure to deal with it. If a startup is going to decide between moving to Olathe and Lawrence, they're still going to pick Olathe.

So it's kinda like Google Fiber, only without the Google and without the good deal and with a company that announces all sorts of things and then doesn't follow through. Hello, Makerspace. Hello, freenet.

Why doesn't the city just try harder to negotiate with Google and see if they can't get a bit of that cable over this direction? Or have the city itself build out the infrastructure and lease it to companies that want to take advantage? Would be a better use of taxpayer money than that stupid rec center. The FAQ claims they're putting in extra cable in case some competing company wants to use it, including Google, but I really don't have faith in their workmanship at this point. Too many broken promises.

I've signed up on Google's waiting list. I suggest everyone else do the same.


markoo 1 year ago

"Montgomery said Wicked plans to offer 1 gigabit residential service for $99.98 per month; 100 mbps service for $69.98 per month and 20 mbps service for $49.98 per month."

You had me until there. Until these internet services become a bit more financially feasible to middle-class residents like myself who's paying high prices for cable/satellite TV, home mortgage, student loans, daycare, insurance on everything in sight, car loans, food, utilities, regressive taxes that Brownback is continually making worse, and breathing air, count me out. These internet prices are too far out of my pocket.

And they aren't terribly competitive with what Google offered either. Sorry, not interested. At least not yet. Make this offer more feasible and I'll take a bit more interest.


JohnnyRaven 1 year ago

I have have zero respect for this wicked crooked company... I gave this sub par service a try to only be swindled into renting extra equipment and service constantly dropped and lagged; Therefore, I canceled and returned the equipment the same day. Months later I get a letter demanding I pay 350.00 Dollars for equipment not returned... I refused and argued till I was blue in the face till they finally send it to a collection agency! I will never pay this scum a single cent. I hope every piece of this company is struck by lightning and the scum who run it get boils in their mouths. (Not really on the boils thing) but I need everyone to know what you might possibly deal with. Please do not subscribe to this service.


Keith Richards 1 year ago

Pretty awesome. I will be registering. Only downside is all the old folks in my neighborhood probably won't.


Amy Heeter 1 year ago

Proceed with caution. Freenet wasn't free , snares everywhere.


Joshua Montgomery 1 year ago

Folks can learn more at:

I am headed out for a short vacation this week and won't be reading/responding to any further comments, but the Wicked Fiber FAQ will have answers to a lot of common questions.

Thanks to everyone who made this announcement possible. Former volunteers, former staff members, current staff and all of our members who have stuck with us through thick and thin.


irvan moore 1 year ago

what happens to your ten bucks if you don't end up being in the neighborhood that gets the service


Keith 1 year ago

"Debra Schmidt, system manager for Knology, said the company is continuing to make its transition over to WOW, which bought Knology in July. "

Perhaps soon she'll be able to say the same thing, but with a different company name.


Number_1_Grandma 1 year ago

Wait till you get a taste of Mr. Montgomery....No thank you!

Just another gimmick by Joshua Montgomery without delivering the goods.


Dan Klamet 1 year ago

Pre-registered and am looking forward to it. Anything but Knology/AT&T.


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