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On Kansas law aimed at gang crime signed


Ken Lassman 12 months ago

Care to take a look at a Chicago High School where the law cracked down on the gangs and locked up the leadership? Don't assume that what follows is going to be any better--in fact in this high school, things got considerably worse. I sincerely hope that this doesn't spread:


question4u 1 year ago

Gang members must be feeling ambivalent about Brownback. On the one hand their leaders can be charged with racketeering, but on the other Brownback did just make it legal for them to carry switchblades.


Tradways 1 year ago

This law defines ALEC and the Koch Brothers perfectly. Especially the coercing others to do illegal acts part. Mr. Blowsalot sure has his mouth working overtime lately.


Stuart Evans 1 year ago

How many laws will need to be enacted to deal with the fallout created by our backwards drug laws? Gangs are a direct result of prohibition; legalize drugs, and gangs & cartels will fold. Additionally, we wouldn't need Sam's brand new pee law either.


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