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On Questions abound about Obama's KU visit


ljreader 1 year ago

I figured he was coming to shoot some hoops with the Hawks.


cammieb 1 year ago

He's not coming. The White House just announced it. Dang.


Russell Fryberger 1 year ago

I wonder if we'll need a new KU Chacelor after this visit!


oldbaldguy 1 year ago

if he is coming, the advance should be in lawrence now.


voevoda 1 year ago

lawrenceguy40, sunny, I hope that you are not emphasizing President Obama's middle name, Hussein, because you think that there is something wrong with having an Arabic name. Or being Muslim (although Obama is Christian). That kind of attitude is really offensive to persons who have Arabic names, and those who are Muslim. They include many upstanding citizens of Lawrence, such as our police chief.


Milton Bland 1 year ago

There is absolutely no need for the President to visit Lawrence. He needs to take care of the many national issues and stay in DC. Instead he flys off to Kansas and spends $millions the country does not have. It appears it is simply another campaign stop for the mid-terms. Too bad he is not as good as leading the country as he is at campaigning. I for one will be leaving town Friday.


sunny 1 year ago

I wonder if he'll make time for a game of golf while here. What a waste of tax dollars! Stay home Barry Hussein!


Karl_Hungus 1 year ago

Take bets on where he eats....Lawrence does have a 5 Guys and Freestate is popular with the out-of-towners. I am sure that LG40 would say Aladdin's so "hussein" could pass notes with the other sleeper cell terrorists but I'd like him to try Dempsey's or Zen Zero.


rlsd 1 year ago

No clue why he would come here and since I am NOT a fan hope he doesn't. I would not be interested in seeing him at all and it doesn't sound like most will unless it is a photo op or you are a large donor. Why not a larger venue where all of his fans could see him?


graylanternlizard 1 year ago

I vote no for the visit. Let's just save the taxpayers of the city, county, state and the federal government, the money required for an unwanted visit. Really?!?!? Let's try to look at the big picture (governing or should I say NOT governing the United States).


angelus 1 year ago

I hope he does still visit. Perhaps we can learn first hand which one of the millions of videos on youtube was responsible for this latest terrorist attack.


Noweigh 1 year ago

I thought Teddy Roosevelt came to Lawrence and dedicated the "horse fountain" in South Park when it was located at 9th and New Hampshire(or thereabouts) while he was President. Is that urban legend, the truth or did he do it after his presidency??


lawrenceguy40 1 year ago

barry hussein o should make Lawrence the first stop on his "Apology Tour 2012". Instead of apologizing to the terrorists for the wrongs he perceives the USA did to them (Apology Tour 2009), he should apologize to the people of Kansas for the wrongs of his administration.



Gotland 1 year ago

Are just now asking question about Obama and his nonsensical “leading”? He has been wondering around aimlessly for five years now.


frankfussman 1 year ago

He's coming to Kansas to take Sam Brownback to the woodshed.


Steve Jacob 1 year ago

And we thought traffic would be bad enough before this.


gphawk89 1 year ago

Questions certainly do abound. Ones like: "Will he still take time to come visit in the immediate wake of a terrorist attack on US soil?"


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