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On City review committee fails to recommend approval of incentives for Rock Chalk Park development; City Commission to vote tonight


Keith Richards 4 years ago

Does Burnside stand to make any loans for any of the RCP as the local president of US Bank?

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 4 years ago

Even if he doesn't, a yes vote on this issue will get him favorable treatment down the line on projects that will benefit him. That's how government by cronyism works.

UneasyRider 4 years ago

If Chesnut is against it, it means its probably good for taxpayers and bad for Chamber members.

Hudson Luce 4 years ago

Aron Cromwell's wife is Hannah Fritzel, Joel Fritzel's daughter... I wonder how Aron's going to vote?

Catalano 4 years ago

Being about facts and not innuendo, I would recommend that you get yourself into the loop a little more. Not defending Cromwell, just saying that he's not married to Hannah at this particular moment in time. Okay? (It's public record.) Sheesh.

George_Braziller 4 years ago

Do a little research and you'll find out who he was "dancing" with. It makes it all an interesting twist.

Catalano 4 years ago

Doesn't it though. And, btw, who was Hannah "dancing" with before the dance you refer to? Perhaps someone who ran for national office last year?

Catalano 4 years ago

OMG, I just innuendoed. I positively HATE when that happens.

Attn. moderator: Please be a Calgon and delete me and take me away from all this.

Katara 4 years ago

Wow. Gingrich sure gets around.

Catalano 4 years ago

Waving "hi" from NOT Gingrich.

Catalano 4 years ago

Well, 2009 was 2009. 2012 was 2012. And today is today. Do you ever read the court proceedings in the Monday paper? Know how to google?

irvan moore 4 years ago

mr. schumm and mr. dever should have recused themselves, if (when) they pass this later tonight at the commission meeting will show the total lack of respect they have for the taxpayers of this community.it didn't pass the pirc, that at least means slow down and take a closer look

Bob Forer 4 years ago

Odd that Dever and Schumm would serve on a committee that makes recommendation to the City Commission on which they sit. Its kinda like making a recommendation to oneself. Absurd, simply absurd.

Catalano 4 years ago

Apparently you don't understand how the PIRC is structured. It's not Schumm and Dever...it's who gets to sit on PIRC at any given time.

Bob Forer 4 years ago

What did I mention that was incorrect? Six people made the Committee's recommendation. Two of those six were essentially making recommendations to themselves. WTF does "structure" have to do with it. You are just as intellectually dishonest as the CC.

Hudson Luce 4 years ago

It's not absurd, it's self-dealing. Lawrence city government is just a mechanism for transferring taxpayer dollars to people like the Fritzels and Compton. If city commissioners were required to recuse themselves from voting on issues which would enrich major contributors or relatives, we wouldn't be having a lot of these problems. That, and going to a district voting system instead of an at-large system.

jafs 4 years ago

Yes, that seems nuts.

City commissioners shouldn't be able to be members of PIRC. But what about former commissioners or those who are running?

Catalano 4 years ago

So I take it that Cindy Yulich abstained?

Catalano 4 years ago

Sounds like Shannon Kimball was absent. But USD 497 doesn't cover the boundaries of this project. Interesting. Wonder what the school district in that area thinks? Wonder if the city asked them?

Catalano 4 years ago

But, Wilby, if you ran you could have your own WILBY district!

One-Eyed Wilbur for City Commission!

One-Eyed Wilbur for City Commission! by Catalano

Cindy Yulich 4 years ago

The superintendent of Perry was in attendance at the meeting.

Catalano 4 years ago

Nice to know. Were they allowed to comment?

lhs96299 4 years ago

The three C's control Lawrence, KS. -- Collusion, Cronyism, Corruption.

Bob Forer 4 years ago

Okay, you sheep of Lawrence, listen, and then repeat twenty times:

'I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!

jhawkinsf 4 years ago

"I understand you're mad as hell, but I wish you'd stop shouting so often and so loud. I'd actually listen to you if you took some effort to pick your fights. But just because every issue has become in crisis in your life doesn't mean I'm obligated to respond in kind." Did I get that right? Baaaa bleat baaaa.


(posted with a smile on my face and hoping it will be received in kind).

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