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On Notebook: Kevin Young delivers one-liners in speech; top recruit Andrew Wiggins visits


windjammer 5 years ago

It looked like most of the night Andrew Wiggins and his mother were not impressed to the point of being bored. His father looked as though he was enjoying himself watching our beautiful cheer squad.

douglas6280 5 years ago

It almost looked like he has made up his mind but he was already committed to this visit.

DRsmith 5 years ago

I wouldn't read too much into the way he looked. These kids are really used to this by time their senior season rolls around, especially Wiggins. He is very tight lipped and doesn't give any hints on which way he is leaning. KU is a long shot so I do think he was just taking his official to play out the string so to speak. I think these are his top choices in order... FSU, NC, UK... then the rest.

jonas_opines 5 years ago

The visiting recruits always look like that, it seems. Trying to play cool maybe. Regardless, we don't need either one of them.

douglas6280 5 years ago

I agree about the Wiggins family looking bored, but I do think we are going to need help for next season. Don't you think Self was sending that message when, on two occasions, he was playing Ellis, Traylor, Tharpe, Adams, and White? They looked pretty inept. If I am a recruit and that is what is coming back I am thinking I can come in and start here.

truejayallday 5 years ago

He is starting anywhere he goes. So i think its more of finding the best players around him for one year. Which isnt us.

DRsmith 5 years ago

If he wants the best players around him he will pick UK. I don't think that is the case though. He seems to not enjoy the spotlight very much which makes FSU look very good to him.

jonas_opines 5 years ago

Tharpe, Ellis, and Traylor will all look a hell of a lot better next year, I think, and will continue to get better as they have to play more minutes and take on more responsibility. With our experience of Self's development of players, we can almost guarantee that. Adams, hard to say if he'll be here at all. White hasn't gotten the playtime to really tell what he'll be. If all he has to do is post up and shoot, he's already decent, but needs to control the ball better.

But we have some great recruits coming in next year already. Number three ranked class on ESPN's ranking. And our top pick (Selden) would be the same skill-set as Randel.

DRsmith 5 years ago

You mean Wiggins? Randle is a PF.

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