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On Letter: Voices muted


scaramouchepart2 5 years, 2 months ago

Colleges are fighting for good accreditation because what school you get your degree matters in the work world. 2 weeks notice may have been funny, but true when comes to looking for employees and what school they went to counts for a big portion of whether you get the interview. Online schools are pushing for accreditation and KU has failed to include the working force who want the higher degrees with online school. Manhattan even is smart enough to understand that. KU backing off to allow D grades as graduating, if the author is accurate, is not the best plan. If true KUs degrees just plummeted farther down the acceptable schlock ratings in business. At the cost of school one will want the best not one who has lowered they rating. I hope the author is inaccurate, but Lawrence people tend to be knowledgable. KU must consider online over keep degrees to make more money. In the 80s we had a top geology department, and the top biology department and many others ranked in the ten to 25. Hope they keep it that way for theirs and Lawrence's sake.

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