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On Letter: Fluoride, health


Nys Cof 5 years, 4 months ago

Fluoridation Opposition is Scientific, Respectable & Growing

More than 4,500 professionals (including 343 dentists and 538 MD’s) urge that fluoridation be stopped because fluoridation is ineffective and harmful. See statement: http://www.fluoridealert.org/researchers/professionals-statement/text/

Most dentists are trained to use politics and not science to promote fluoridation, according to Armfield and Melbye in the Journal of the American Dental Association . The researchers write: "Studies of dentists' attitudes about water fluoridation suggest that a lack of knowledge and preparedness are barriers to discussing the topic ... more than one-half of the respondents believed they needed more information and training on the issue.

Armfield and Melbye postulate that: "Dentists' lack of self-efficacy with respect to critically evaluating scientific literature may help to explain their reluctance to promote water fluoridation in their clinical practices." Other studies how dentists don’t keep current on new fluoride science, e.g. this research y by Yoder http://tinyurl.com/Yoder

chootspa 5 years, 4 months ago

Yeah, sites with names like "fluoridealert" are totally credible and unbiased sources of information. (hands nyscof a tinfoil hat)

Ron Holzwarth 5 years, 4 months ago

The physician that I know of tried and tried to get publicity for the UFO that took him aboard to show him some things. I don't know why no one took him seriously. He even lost his medical license for a while over it!

But, I'm not going to name his name.

Ron Holzwarth 5 years, 4 months ago

"More than 4,500 professionals (including 343 dentists and 538 MD’s) urge that fluoridation be stopped because fluoridation is ineffective and harmful."

In 2002, there were 153,000 dentists in the USA, and in 2008, there were 661,400 physicians and surgeons in the USA. Sorry, but those numbers are a bit out of date, so the conclusion will be a bit off.

With a bit of division, that means that one out of 446 dentists and one out of 1,229 MDs agree with you. That is assuming you restricted your numbers of professionals to those only within the USA, you did not make that clear. Either way, you are vastly outnumbered, to the point of a statistical anomaly.

I am tempted to make a comparison to UFOs. I do personally know of a physician that does believe in them. Does that make them real?

Ron Holzwarth 5 years, 4 months ago

It's a good thing you all weren't in grade school in Colorado in 10th grade or later in the military! The military didn't want to mess with cavities, so they applied a fluoride solution directly to our teeth. They applied it in Colorado when I was about 14, and in the military at 19 or so. I had a few cavities before that, and so I had a few fillings already.

And now I'm 58, and in the 39 years since, I have not had a single cavity. But, I can't say it's all because of the fluoride solution that was directly applied, because I've been drinking fluoridated water too. And by the way, I never had any ill effects from it either.

Of course, that's anecdotal evidence. A man is treated with fluoride, and is found to have no cavities for 39 years after that, although he had many of them for his 19 years before that, and he suffered no ill effects from fluoridation of the water. My dentist tells me I have excellent teeth for my age, but he does wonder why in the world I had so many cavities during my first 19 years.

Kirk Larson 5 years, 4 months ago

Maybe the same reason I had cavities when I was younger and not later. I finally started caring about how long and thoroughly I cleaned my teeth. On top of the fluoridated water.

chootspa 5 years, 4 months ago

Good thing they've done actual studies and gathered actual statistical evidence to answer the question about whether populations with fluoridated water have fewer cavities than those who don't.

Katara 5 years, 3 months ago

Nope, that's not good enough. I will not be convinced one way or another until I hear what Nobel Prize winning scientist Kirk Cameron has to say about it.

Ron Holzwarth 5 years, 4 months ago

As an aside, from age 3 until age 9, I drank well water out in the country (from the Ogallala Aquifer!) except at school (and I'm not so sure that was fluoridated), and there was no fluoride in it at all. That's when almost all of my cavities developed. The small town dentists in the country towns did a whole lot of drilling of cavities in the teeth of children who drank unfluoridated well water. It was good business, but rather painful for the young patients.

In fact, every single one of my molars has a filling in it. And, a few of my other teeth do also. But, not a single one was put in after my teenage years. At 58, that's got to mean something. Besides the fact that my dentists knew how to put in fillings that would last, I mean.

kernal 5 years, 4 months ago

The number of cavities is not due so much to the lack of fluroide as it is to an inadequate or unhealthy diet, an underlying unrelated disease, malnutrition or just lack of good oral health habits.

A child's first visit to the dentist should be no later than the third birthday, and earlier if you have a thumb sucker or notice other possible dental problems.

When parents quit beginning their childrens sugar habits by giving them soda pop while they're still on the bottle, quart size cups of Coke when they're old enough to hold the cup and finally begin to to brush their childrens teeth as soon as they start coming in, THEN we'll see a reduction in childhood cavities. But, don't blame it on lack of fluoride in the water.

chootspa 5 years, 4 months ago

Diet and other diseases are factors, but the point remains that fluoridated water is a public health benefit.


"Scientific studies have established that CWF lowers the rate of tooth decay by 20-40% in children, over and above the effect of topical fluoride products. Moreover, it benefits all residents of a community, regardless of socio-economic status. Fluoridation is one of the most cost-effective health strategies; for most communities, every $1 invested in CWF saves $38 to $80 in dental treatment."

Ron Holzwarth 5 years, 4 months ago

Sounds like you're backing up the use of fluoride, like almost all of the scientific community does. There is a problem though, in that sometimes too much is added, and that can cause problems.

Ron Holzwarth 5 years, 4 months ago

I read a long time ago that pickles made from cucumbers are very dangerous, and the longer you eat them, the more likely you are to die. The first symptom is a wrinkling of the skin, which always occurs within 65 years. And, there is not a single documented case of anyone eating a pickle prior to 1885 that is still living. It's amazing that they are still legal, and not only that, but the surgeon general still has issued no warning for them. Not only that, even children can buy them in the store!

MarcoPogo 5 years, 4 months ago

And this proves what about fluoride in the water? Oh, nothing.

Ron Holzwarth 5 years, 3 months ago

There's no proof that fluoride in the water prevents cavities at all, it only causes cancer and other terrible things, haven't you read about all the studies that one one out of 446 dentists and one out of 1,229 physicians have been quoting?

Ron Holzwarth 5 years, 3 months ago

If the debate is still raging, those who desire to drink unfluoridated water certainly do have that option, just drink and cook with bottled water, it's not that expensive. I could be wrong, but I don't think you absorb much of it while showering, bathing, or washing your hands. Or, go live in the country and use well water. But who knows what kind of minerals and bacteria you're going to be exposed to then. In fact, you might be exposed to toxic levels of fluoride.

And, since the federal deficit is not such a big deal, go ahead and fund a large scale study, say $100 million dollars, to get to bottom of the matter, for the dozenth time at least over the last fifty years. The problem would be, there would be some who would would still need to find some flaw in the study, because they have a real need to have something to protest about that they feel is hurting them personally.

This link explains a few ways to remove fluoride from your drinking water, if you want to do that:

Kirk Larson 5 years, 3 months ago

Bottled water is largely unregulated and a lot of it is just tap water with fluoride. Last time I took a tour of the water treatment plant (with a class in, like, '84) they showed us a tap where you can fill containers with the treated water BEFORE they put the fluoride in.I wonder if they still have that.

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