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On Drought, state budget on minds of newspaper publishers gathered at KU


Ken Lewis 1 year, 2 months ago

Or you could argue with everything, do nothing, and continue being the a loser.


Ken Lewis 1 year, 2 months ago

One at a time:

You dont know that you cant get the water rights. I do know, in 2011, the MO river flooded all summer closing I-29 to Omaha for six months doing billions in damages. How do you propose to deal with that? And given that crisis, do you think the CoE would really fight for that flood water. It was a flood all summer while western KS parched. A classic example of too much water in one place and not enough in another.

Jayhawk, how the saving water a waste?? Good Lord, don't you realize, that unless you hold the water inland, it all runs down to the Gulf of Mexico. You call it a precious resource, but make no justification for saving/using it, while allowing it to run away to the Gulf. You make no sense.


Ken Lewis 1 year, 2 months ago

Great. Glad to hear some folks with sense are in Topeka. These are important matters and we need to get legislator's minds off strippers and prostitutes in order to focus on the real issues instead of trying to regulate our private lives.

Two years ago, I proposed a wind-powered pumping system to pump water from the MO river to reseviors in Western KS to be used in the summer for irrigation. Water could pump all year whenever the wind blows....which is just about every day. Legislators were too busy worrying about the strippers to do anything about real solutions to real problems.

People are going to snarf "it can be done", but there is already a 500 mile water pipeline going in from Wyoming to Colorado for water. It is being done....the whole world is building this type of infrastructure while US leadership is fretting over moral issues that isn't even within thier authority. Think about the western 2/3 of KS being as agriculturally productive as Iowa. Think of the revenue from grain sold overseas and state income taxes from farmers reliably raising something every year. And then think of the reduction of federal subsidies to farmers who dont even want them. Farmers want to raise and sell crops. Give them the means to do it.


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