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On Two Lawrence men arrested on suspicion of many offenses after crash outside bowling alley


Clickker 4 years ago

Great..the Beers boys are at it again.

When will they learn?

Steve Jacob 4 years ago

It's bad when you already have pictures of them on file...

midwestmom 4 years ago

Moments to make a Mom proud.... or not.

patkindle 4 years ago

i suspect they do not have wealthy parents and they are not enrolled at KU

Scheidde 4 years ago

They look to be some of the smarter people in the area.....

Bob Forer 4 years ago

Why do some criminals look like crminals? If they had any acting talent, they would be great character actors playing "bad guys." .

roadwarrior 4 years ago

That's just too many beers. LOL.

Mark Currie 4 years ago

Maybe life is too hard on the outside and they long for home. LOL

Tony Kisner 4 years ago

Strange how a well thought out plan can fall apart so quickly.

bearded_gnome 4 years ago

^^thebcman 1 hour, 2 minutes ago Makes perfect sense for two Beers to try to hide in a bar.

Would have liked to seen the cops enter the bar yelling, "Where's the Beers?"

---very nicely done, LOLZ!

sorry, I don't have a good chaser for this one.

bearded_gnome 4 years ago

Two Lawrence men were arrested Wednesday night on suspicion of abandoning a still-moving stolen truck

---reads like "abandoning a still-moving-truck" is part of kansas statutes, lol.

I guess sometimes the Beers just get more frothy than usual?

Matthew Herbert 4 years ago

Who would have thought possession of meth would be involved?

Heather Perry 4 years ago

nah his sisters name is jeni and if u look back to oct 30 2012 jennelle ray pickens was also arrested for theft!

bearded_gnome 4 years ago

Pywacket 4 hours, 15 minutes ago

Gnome--Re a good chaser -- It would be perfect if they had a sister named Brandy who had played a role in their crazy exploits.

---yep! their sister: Brandy Beer, and if she married right, she'd become: Brandy Beer-stein.

bearded_gnome 4 years ago

"physician heal thyself, you want water or a *Beers chaser?

otto 4 years ago

First of all I agree with you, except that kid was charged with having more than 28 grams, hence the felony charge. He could have had 4 pounds.

otto 4 years ago

Evidently you didn't read my comment, I agree with you, you just didn't have the facts down to my satisfaction..

Richard Weeks 4 years ago

Come on jeff n tg, for real u guys are at it again.....WTF!!!!

bad_dog 4 years ago

Quit throwin' rocks at the forum windows, Ernest...

Zach_Davis 4 years ago

Beers #1:Your wheel! At fifteen m-p-h I roll out! I double back, grab one of 'em and beat it out of him! The uzi! Beers #2: Uzi? Beers #1: You didn't think I was rolling out of here naked!

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