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On Lawrence police report 14 arrests after KU loss to Kentucky


Jennifer Alexander 6 years ago

Wow....way to be classy. Too bad these people will give Lawrence and its fan base a bad name.

begin60 6 years ago

Way to go mindless, local street harassers! The search for intelligent life in the universe does not start here.

gsxr600 6 years ago

People weren't just messing with the sign/light at 14th & kentucky... they were blocking the road and everytime a car tried to squeeze through the crowd would throw bottles and food at the vehicle, kick it and hit on their windows. Some cars had their windshields busted out because of this I've heard. Deplorable actions.

KUPD responded about 40 minutes late. After we lost a lot of cops on Mass should have gotten in their cars and patrol the student ghetto.

rachelind 6 years ago

It's a college town. This is no worse than an average Saturday night, relax.

Fatty_McButterpants 6 years ago

"It's a college town"... Written as though that one little phrase excuses kinds of deviant behavior. Yes, criminal damage to property is just good clean fun. I mean, who doesn't set fire to furniture, block intersections, and break car windows after a night out!

08Champs 6 years ago

Go to Brownback article - do not pass go - do not collect $200. Keep your politics off my basketball!

1029 6 years ago

Law enforcement did an absolutely horrible job on Monday (after doing a fantastic job on Saturday night). Their arrogance and aggressive attitude towards peaceful fans seemed to be getting people more riled up than they would have been. I was really impressed with the professionalism of officers on Saturday night, but last night was an entirely different story. It was almost as if they wanted to get people to commit crimes just so that they could see some action.

FlintHawk 6 years ago

Well, maybe, like the folks arrested, they needed to vent. What other explanation, assuming your statement is correct, could there be for Saturday's police performance v Monday's?

Cops are people, too. Drunks are people, too. Even Topekans are people.

; }

cowboy 6 years ago

Read the arrest logs , most are from ........drum roll...........Topeka

lunacydetector 6 years ago

why not celebrate on jayhawk boulevard instead of mass street? that's where the celebration was held in '88. then KU can pay for the clean up.

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