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On Do you think the state of Kansas should spend more money on mental health services?


LogicMan 5 years ago

Not without the ability to quickly get and keep the severe cases off the streets where they can hurt themselves or others. E.g., the guy here in town who walked right out in front of traffic repeatedly.

Randall Barnes 5 years ago

the guy here in town who walked right out in front of traffic repeatedly. that's every drunk college kid.

LogicMan 5 years ago

Not this guy; he was mentally challenged and did this for years. I now remember his first name, but won't be the first to post it. He was often dressed (by whom?) in bright red sweat pants and shirt to help make him more visible to drivers.

kernal 5 years ago

He's far from mentally challenged, in fact he's very intelligent and has a Bachelor's degree from another state. As I recall, he came to Lawrence because he was admitted to graduate school at KU. Unfortunately, schizophrenia began to invade his mind when he was a teen ager and by the time he arrived here, the illness had control of him.

JackMcKee 5 years ago

Targeted treatment is the best option with our now irresponsibly limited state budget. Target the worst cases first.

Start with LJW online posters.

Tracy Rogers 5 years ago

Then the next question is How much do you want your taxes raised to pay for it?

kernal 5 years ago

Our taxes are already paying for 25% of the prison and jail population that is mentally ill and incarcerated for crimes committed due to their untreated mental illness, salaries of case workers, Medicaid and Medicare, training law enforcement how to deal with the mentally ill, homeless shelters, non-private hospitals ERs, etcetera.

Alison Carter 5 years ago

Our hospital needs to reinvest in a mental health ward to reassure members of our community that emergency, short-term mental health care is always available.

Leslie Swearingen 5 years ago

Ah, but you can't force anyone to go to Bert Nash, or pick up their meds at the pharmacist, or take the meds. Some things can not be controlled.

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