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On Who will win the race for Kansas state senate, 19th District?


Jana Rea 3 years ago

Back to the basics! thank you Casey!

lorjan 3 years ago

I don't understand how this poll works. My husband sent a vote from his email at his computer & vote was accepted. I sent a vote from my email(which is totally different from his but with same server) at my computer. The message that came back was "we didn't record your vote, because you or someone from your computer's address or network has already voted". We are 2 voters...only 1 vote was counted. You need to add 1 more vote for Casey Moore! thanks.

bearded_gnome 3 years ago

sure be good to get democrat hensley outa there.

it probably counted you as having already voting based on the IP address, being you and he likely look like you came from the same IP address.
... my guess.

caligal0 3 years ago

I have followed this race online at cjonline.com. I have researched Hensley's long service and Moore's background. While I am registered with the Democratic party and will vote for my party's house candidate, I cannot vote for Hensley. The district Hensley has represented for 30 plus years is notorious for crime, high unemployment and schools that have been fixtures of their communities are closing. All the while Hensley has somehow given himself a 3/4 of $1,000,000 state retirement package but does not think knowing the value of that account is any of our business. As a voter and supporter of educators, I don't agree. I feel like government compensation is tax payers business. I will support Moore because he has been pushing for transparency so we know where money is spent while Hensley will not answer questions. I get bad vibes from reading Hensley quotes and from watching his attack commercials. Moore is also for term limits and said he would represent the district without pay (good luck getting other money hungry politicians to agree to that). For a Republican, Moore seems to hold more of my values than Hensley.

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